Homeground Advantage   - By KC MMUOE
Homeground Advantage - By KC MMUOE
Author: KC Mmuoe


For the longest of times Ellie had an obsession about becoming a wife and mother. More importantly she has for a very long time planning her wedding . She knew what dress she wanted, centerpiece, cake ,theme ,and venue amongst other things that came with planning a wedding . Ellie believed in true love and she believed that she had found it with Dexter. He was always the safe choice for her. In her heart and mind Ellie believed that she had made the right choice by choosing Dex ; even when he didn’t have a regular nine to five job. He was a lawyer and she was in the PR industry. Even though they were from different worlds, their differences made them a balanced couple.

Ellie met Dexter at a Pent house party she was invited to downtown for a launch party the magazine she worked for held. It was exclusive and he handled the law side of the magazine. Their romance sparked after lots of requests from Dex asking her to be his girl. Dexter’s efforts paid off on Valentine’s Day when he invited her to his hotel suite for a romantic dinner, that ended in them being an official couple. They both kept things professional at work and when they were together; they did things that couples did when they are in love except have sex.

Ellie had her reservations about sex before marriage… Dexter didn’t. It wasn’t until Dexter proposed to Ellie and asked her to move in with her that she agreed to do something she would never do, and that was to sleep with a guy to prove to them that she loves them. When she suggested to Dexter to go for; marriage counseling, and attend TOB classes together, he agreed.

Fast forward to a year later and Ellie had been given;(The head of digital )at the magazine . A job that she worked hard for and a job that paid more than Dexter’s job. Ellie decided to keep her salary a secret and put aside money . So half of her salary would be debited monthly and the other half would go to what she was investing, bills and what she needed . She was still paying her bond for her property that she didn’t want to let go. Something in her told her to keep the property and the account she was saving half her salary in . Call it a gut feeling, but something in her thought her safe choice was unstable.

Dexter didn’t seem interested in planning the wedding. He wanted a lavish wedding , but Ellie wanted a wedding with close friends and family. When Ellie suggested that they both plan separately and come together to compare prices . Dexter gladly agreed.

Ellie had a diary where she organized her wedding and marriage. She wanted to be a spring bride; have a fairytale themed wedding by the coast , dress fitting, house hunting , china buying and only close friends and family would be invited . It would take her another year because she still didn’t want to touch the money she saved unless she really needed it .

On top of everything else she had a prenuptial contract drawn by Maria a friend of hers who worked for a firm Dexter always wanted to work at . When Dex saw the contract and wanted both Ellie and him to share everything, but Ellie didn’t . They shelved the contract and compared notes. They did agree on one thing though where to host their engagement party. The rest they would just have to figure out as they went . Ellie was both certain they loved each other and that was all that mattered.

It was a week before the party and Ellie wasn’t stressing as much as Dexter was . They were meeting Dexter’s parents for dinner and she had met them before. Dexter’s Mother loved Ellie but his father had indirectly accused her of being a gold digger. Dexter had defended her by telling his father that; they are marrying for love and out of everything else property wise… but his father hated Ellie even though they were the same skin color but her religion was in question. She still held her own by balancing out the pros and cons , and taking him on in a gentle manner . Dexter’s father didn’t scare Ellie. They were meeting them downstairs in the hotel restaurant. Ellie was running a tad bit late with regards to getting ready; she was stuck in traffic, and there was nothing to do except to wait it out. Dexter had informed his parents that they would be thirty minutes late and they agreed to wait. Ellie had noticed something was off with Dexter on the way downstairs, but brushed it off.

They were on their way down to the dining area when the elevator stopped abruptly. It was them, and two other couples. Everyone stayed calm and waited until the generator kicked in. Ellie took it as an opportunity to talk to Dex who was far away.

“ Dex is everything okay babe?”

“Which part Ellie ?”

“That’s a loaded answer. “

“ Why didn’t you tell me about the head of digital position .”

Ellie rolled her eyes and took a deep breath.

“I was going to tell you when I felt ready.”

“ Oh you also forgot to mention that you get paid more.”

“ You have bad timing … and what’s that got to do with anything. You are a lawyer.”

“I am your husband to be .”

“Who is being a jerk. What’s going on?”

The lights came back on and the lift started moving and Dexter clasped Ellie’s wrist so hard she dropped her purse. Never not once in their three years together has Dexter ever been physical towards Ellie or man handled her in any way.

Overcome with shock; Ellie winced in pain wishing that the torture could end. She didn’t notice it before but ,Dexter smelt of vodka. Dexter tightened his grip and whispered in her ear;

“A whole year Ellie and a half . “

“We signed an agreement at work never to let the other party know what’s going on. You knew the NDA had rules. You are hurting me.”

Ellie stepped on Dexter’s foot prompting him to let go of her arm .She picked up her purse and held it with her other hand to avoid causing anymore pain to her hand . They both walked out as if nothing happened. Even the other couples didn’t notice a thing .When they approached the table Ellie was a bit confused because; Dexter’s father was sitting with Sandra, and they were getting on like a house of fire with his mother too , who had never been as nice to Ellie as she was to Sandra.

At first Ellie thought that she was having a bad dream… however something in her told her that she was about to be served with embarrassment for starters ; with a bit of shock for the main course, and heart break for desert . Her arm was starting to bruise from what Dex did earlier, but she was good at hiding her hurt physically, and emotionally.

Sandra was Ellie’s cousin who; since they kids were believed that, Ellie didn’t deserve to be happy in any aspect of her life.The only people who saw right through her were; their grandfather, Ellie’s mother who was travelling, and her first love Maxwell Jeremiah Blackwell. It came as no surprise that Sandra was the one who hooked her friend up with Maxwell in the final year of High School, causing Ellie to leave town for good and never look back because it hurt too much.

Even when the holidays came she found an excuse not to be part of any family gathering, because she knew Max would be there. Even though she didn’t stay in contact with Maxwell, she kept in touch with his twin siblings, Blake and Billie, and on a monthly basis Janet. Max’s sweet mother, who loved her like a second daughter…

As soon as she took her seat, she covered her wrist with her dress sleeve, which was long enough to hide the bruises. She was wearing a black cotton wrap dress for her body type, paired with elegant pump heels, to shape her legs. Her cousin was showing off her baby bump in the dress she wore. As soon as she got comfortable she saw a look that Dexter gave her cousin that she knew too well… Only this time unlike many times, his feelings were reflected in his eyes. The waiter came to take everyone’s orders but she didn’t order anything. After a lengthy silence she looked at everyone and twisted off her engagement ring put it on the table and started walking away. Dexter walked after her.

The scenario was a set piece. Ellie knew how it would play out , and how it would end.

“Babe I can explain. Just don’t walk away. I didn’t know why my parents invited Sandra.”

Ellie pressed the elevator call button and looked at Dexter infuriated.

“Oh I know why. Dexter we are a team. If there is something wrong we always communicated to each other. We don’t jump into bed with other people. What the hell?”

“We signed an agreement at work. I knew the terms but then ,you drew the prenuptial agreement, I felt neglected .”

She gave Dex an incredulous look and they both walked into the lift. Ellie pressed the top floor button .

“That’s an excuse and you know it. “

The elevator closed and they continued to talk;

“ Ellie why didn’t you tell me. I looked like a fool in front of my colleagues.”

“So what you went and fucked my cousin and got her pregnant three months ago .”

“ I am sorry.”

“No you are not. You insisted that we use protection every time we made love. Not once did you mention you wanted to start a family. You haven’t touched me for four months. I thought you needed your space.”

“ Yes. The thought of being married and raising a family with you just didn’t sit so well with me . I don’t know what happened but somewhere somehow I fell out of love with you. Then when I met Sandra. She changed everything. “

They both walked into the penthouse, and Ellie opened the fridge to take out some water to drink . She didn’t even bother to take out a glass she just drank from the bottle.

“ Oh okay. You Knew she is family . Why ?”

“A that point I thought she would be the most amazing mother and you’d fail.”

“Wow just wow. I need to go pack. We don’t have an engagement or relationship anymore .”

“Where are you going to go? “

“Like you care. “

Dexter’s Phone rang and looked at it .He took a deep breath and looked at Ellie remorsefully.

“Just don’t leave yet without me saying goodbye to you first. “

Ellie ‘s world was falling to pieces and she couldn’t believe what was happening the only thing she wanted to do was ,go home to her apartment and forget that this day ever happened.

“ I won’t I promise.”

Ellie wanted to believe what was happening was a dream , but it wasn’t . As soon as Dexter left to go to dinner with his parents and cousin, she packed her belongings, left a note for Dexter and moved back to her apartment .

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