Chapter 1



It has been three whole months since my break up with Dex. What surprised me is how quickly he got over our relationship. A month after I moved out; Sandra moved in and they started playing happy family. Sandra made sure everyone knew that she was with Dexter by posting and flaunting their relationship on social media for everyone to see. It took another month to get used to the fact that I was single and Dexter never really loved me. He loved the idea of being with me. I also saw both of them at the chill out spots we used to hang out at. They were even sitting underneath a tree that Dexter and I used to sit under in the park. He would be busy on his phone , and I’d be reading a book. I was out for a jog on a Saturday morning and I spotted them getting all romantic and engaging in heavy PDA. I wanted to puke then and there but I decided to finish my route and sign up at a gym that had an indoor running track on the same day. I had put on a bit of weight when I was with Dexter I had let go … just a little bit. I needed to get back into shape and refocus on being healthy; fit , sharp and hardworking . Love was out of the question .

I had to get over the fact that I wasn’t going to be a spring bride. I had to pay cancelation fees for the venue , caterers , shuttling service, the brides maid dresses , and my own wedding dress. The only thing I couldn’t cancel was the wedding cake. The baker was supposed to deliver the cake on the wedding day which was on September 24th. After I told her my story she agreed to have the cake and cupcakes done by October 24TH . I had also booked a flight back to my home town. I could drive but, I didn’t feel like driving all the way for a weekend stay . I had received an invite for the 24th of September for a family gathering . I absent mindedly agreed and I also had to go back a month later in October for Blake and Billie’s nineteenth birthday.

When MJ ran off with his girlfriend to start off his sporting career he neglected his family . He also blamed his mother for something she had no control over. Max has always had daddy issues and he blamed his mother when he got remarried . He basically left his mother and his siblings to fend for themselves. Which was unlike him because; I had known him since diaper days. He was a kind and gentle soul before their family broke apart. Maybe I am being too hopeful. He tore my heart apart in public; rubbed his relationship with Betty in my face, and for the final year farewell party Maria and her date invited me to their table. Max had replaced me with Betty within weeks. We had broken up because; Sandra had lied about me kissing one of his friends in the soccer team. Julius and I were just friends. He was having trouble coming out. I had told him to be true to his feelings ,and tell his then boyfriend Sam how he felt. When he got ridiculed by the team for being into men. Samuel and I stood up for him. I travelled with the team a lot because I was part of the first aid medical team and I reported on their games for the school news paper. I ended up moving away to a different town; to work and study at the same time .Although it was difficult I managed to land a job back home in Johannesburg at a PR firm,   where I met Dexter and got engaged.

I made the mistake of bringing Dexter to a family gathering. He hit it off with Sandra and in between got her pregnant. He came from a wealthy family , and I kept my earnings a secret. The cancelation fees didn’t even dent my bank account. Out of spite Dexter had left me with all the bills and told me that; I would come crawling back to him… I didn’t and now the cab is pulling up at the family home , and I really have to put on a brave face. As soon as I stepped out I paid my fare and retrieved my bags from the driver . When I entered the house to head up to my main bedroom nobody noticed me because they were busy with Sandra. Sandra’s friend Betty. By nobody I meant the kitchen staff. My mother was away on retreat. September 24th was a holiday and it fell on a Tuesday so ; I used some of my leave days to take the whole week off. I had initially thought that I was going to go back home to my apartment on Thursday , but I will go back on Saturday.

Dinner was due to commence in an hour from the time I arrived. I had opted for a v neck navy blue and white flower printed maxi dress ; Flat nude gladiators, and I wore my hair natural and tied it up in a ballerina bun with white pearl studs , tribal bracelets that were in my jewelry box untouched and an aquamarine gemstone ring. By the time I was done I checked the time ,and I was two minutes late for dinner. I walked down stairs into the dining room and to my surprise everyone was already seated. The Blackwell family was there , Dexter’s parents and Sandra , with my grandfather sitting at the far end. I winked at him and he smiled and winked back . I took a seat next to the guy who was sitting where the Blackwell’s were. I didn’t recognize him. I slid my phone in my pocket and dinner commenced.

Before we could start Betty had an announcement to make . I looked up and she was already plump and cute . She smirked at me and spoke;

“ Hi everyone. Thank you for coming . Ellie it means a lot to me that you could make it. I know things were difficult for you when you found out that I was sleeping with your fiancé, but we fell in love . We have a baby girl on the way , and we are engaged. He just proposed We are happy.”

Oh hell this woman just has no chill. I looked up and winced. I looked at Dexter .”

“ On what was supposed to be our wedding day. Classy.”

Dexter looked at me and frowned .

“ I love her and if it hurts you more that I chose today to pop the question then get over it. “

I took a deep breath and raised my glass up .

“To Dexter and Sandra.”

Christina ; Blake, and Billie echoed me and clapped hands

“To Dexter and Sandra .”

I smiled at them and pulled a thumbs up sign.

“ Excuse me I just lost my appetite. See you tomorrow for breakfast .”

I stood up, walked out of the dining room through the kitchen to grab what I needed and went straight to the lake house.

I made myself a toasted cheese sandwich with some Ginger ale . I had forgotten to take some chocolate ice-cream, which meant that I would have to go back to the main house. I really didn’t want to go back. I took stock of what had just happened and cried. I was crying in front of a television screen that wasn’t on .


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