Chapter 2


I might have the life everyone dreamt of ; but I am not happy. I am a soccer star with everything going for him , except for my life. I am a man who made the mistake of believing someone I shouldn’t have , at the cost of someone I loved. Truth is I still love her. The woman I broke up with wasn’t the woman I loved , and you can only pretend for so long until the cracks start showing. Maybe I have too much pride , but I had to do what was right and not tell anyone about it . How would it look like to come back home and admit that everyone was right and I was wrong.

I was mad at my mother for my father leaving us. It wasn’t even her fault. I made it her fault and used it as an excuse to leave. I had already been accepted into an academy that also made sure I studied and played soccer. So if I wanted to take a break or call it a day on my career; I would be covered. I loved the media and business side . How to own shares in the club I played for, and how to secure sponsorships . I knew I wanted to come back home one day and give back… Betty was against me coming back home.

The day we broke up was the day I got a call that she was having an abortion. Which was strange… Upon calling an investigator I hired to keep tabs on her , he told me that; she was sleeping with the captain of the team I was playing for. When I confronted her at the hospital , she didn’t deny the affair.

I was going to ask her to marry me and have babies with me. What Sandra and Dex did was brutal. On the other hand I am happy that Ellie is single. She is worth swallowing my pride for. When I went home last night ; my mother welcomed me back home with open arms .Bill and Blake gave me death stares whenever mom wasn’t looking. Before I went to sleep they gave me a mouth full and told me that “Eleanor “ has been helpful. Even when our mother was sick . I felt guilty I figured Ellie has been helping the twins and my mother . They always called her by her full name. As soon as my mother gives me a break down of what she really did I will pay her back in full . I knew she would be down by the lake house. It was her hideaway spot from everyone . Sandra always had a lot of people at the house and we used to spend nights and days at the house. We even made love at the lake house, a year before I broke up with her. She was my first… and to come think of it the best I’ve ever had. Nothing or no one could ever compare to her and how she made me feel. No one came close.

I passed through the kitchen and grabbed a pint of chocolate ice-cream. I actually grabbed two because I also needed someone to talk to. While I was away there were a lot of things that I missed about Ellie. She had changed so much from the geek she used to know, and she looked sexy. To be honest I missed talking to her ; making love to her and cuddling. I had gotten used to Betty having sex with me and leaving. She told me I didn’t perform when she left me. When I saw her today at the dinner; I avoided her, and when Ellie walked in the room my whole world stopped. I didn’t knock I let myself in and closed the door I spotted Ellie on the couch. I placed the ice-cream in her bar fridge and did a double check to see if Ellie was sleeping , and she was knocked out cold. I walked to the couch and gently touched her face. I sat beside her and kissed he forehead. Her eyes fluttered open and I smiled.

“Morning babe .”

She sat up and looked at me confused. She shifted her eyes to the wall clock and shot me a look of betrayal.

“ Stop trying to confuse me .”

I gave her another kiss and she darted her eyes from side to side.

“I am not my cousin and as far as I know ; your super model of a girlfriend is going out with you.”

“ Not anymore.”

“What?... What happened MJ ?”

I looked into her dark browns which were blood shot red and winced.

“She went out with the captain of my team.”

“ Wait so the story was true?”

“Hmm “

“ Your dark grays give you away MJ. I am so sorry.”

“ I thought you didn’t recognize me earlier. I am sorry he broke your heart.”

Ellie stood up on her knees and gave me a hug.

“I am so sorry she broke your heart. Oh and for your information I'd recognise you anywhere. ”

“She never wanted to have kids with me. She was having an abortion when I found out.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close.

“Dex told me I’d make a bad mommy.”

She leaned into my shoulder and sobbed

“ He is a liar. You’d make an amazing mother. You took care of my family when I was playing the blame game and you have a beautiful soul. Any kid would and will be lucky to have you as a mother . Dex is a vile man. He didn’t deserve you .”

Ellie pulled back and I don’t know what came over me; but I missed Ellie so much so that I just wanted to be with her and take her like I used to when we were young . I was about to kiss her when she gave me a peck on my cheek and stood up.

“ You came with ice-cream. “

She walked over to the kitchen and took out a pint and two spoon I S slid off my black leather jacket and laid hung it on the chair. Ellie had already changed into navy blue cotton joggers with a grey crew neck t-shirt .

“I did.”


“ Yup and I figured we both need to talk .”

“you saw me last year.”

“ It’s not the same. I can see your nipples through that shirt.”

Ellie giggled.

“ The cold air hit my breast and oh blood needs to flow. I can see your nipples through your cyan blue dress shirt .”

“I can take it off .”

“You said we were talking , and you’re pants are doing a dismal job at concealing your hard on.”

“ You gave me that .”

“I am sorry . “

“ It forgives you .”

“it forgives you too .”

“Ellie I am trying.”

I have never been this excited in like forever. I really missed Ellie and now I knew why I had to have her back in my life at any cost. She jumped over the couch and sat next to me and gave me my spoon.

“There you go.”

“ Can we at least cuddle?”

Ellie nodded and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. She grabbed the remote and pressed play.

“Are you okay with watching a movie that’s going to make me cry?”

“You still do that?”


“Can I kiss you ?”

Ellie pulled back and laughed at me. She proceeded to open the ice-cream dig in and eat. She put a pillow between us and watched the movie . It was our favorite movie.

“ I am going upstairs I forgot to go get my box of tissues. By the way I love how your hair looks.”

“I have no hair .”

She looked at me from underneath the stair case;

“I know . Now I can’t wrap my legs around your waist and run my fingers through your luscious locks . You also just asked me to do something to me you were used to doing before we broke up…”

“I… You’re right.”

“You would also argue with me .”

“ I don’t want to .”

Ellie sat next to me and I was about to make my move when her phone rang.

“Excuse me MJ its work I need to take this .”

“On a public holiday?”

“There is the guy I know. Thought I lost you for a moment.”

Ellie walked upstairs and I spotted her notebook on the table by the bench near the window overlooking the lake. Curiosity got the better of me and I walked over tapped her cursor and the password screen popped up. I typed in *butterfly* and it opened up a media plan for the club I play for. I saw the add but I didn’t think much of it. I would be part of the staffing team and I had experience, not to mention the qualifications. I closed the screen and sent my agent a text. Luckily the position was still open and I had been put on special leave for getting into a fight with Garry the captain for the next couple of months. I said it before; if it meant spending time with Ellie I’d take what I can. It seemed as if the stars were aligning… Well sort of because I played peek at Ellie’s notebook. I heard footsteps from the mezzanine level, indicating that Ellie was on her way down , I sat back on the couch and stuffed my mouth with some ice-cream by the second scoop I managed to mess up my shirt and face. I am never a messy but I managed to mess my dress shirt up I was on the last button when I sensed Ellie .


“ Blackwell…”

I stood up straight from my slouched position and smiled at her.

“I kind of messed up . “

“ I can see that. Do you want me to call one of your siblings to bring you clean clothes?”

“No. I went back home with all of my clothes and belongings. They will see stuff I don’t want them to see.”

“ Your anxiety meds?”

“How do you know about that?”

“ You are on edge and I’ve known you longer than Betty. ”

“Then you know what the remedy is besides my pills ?”

“Yes. Are we in agreement that it’s just only for tonight?”

“Can we discuss it tomorrow morning when we wake up?”

“ You kind of have an addictive personality. ”

I took a deep breath and walked towards her. She started moving back until her back hit the wall. She closed her eyes and bit back a curse. I put one of my hands palm flat just above her shoulder on the wall and the other hand around her waist. I leaned closer and whispered in her ear;

“The only thing I am addicted to is you. You are the antidote.”

I pulled back and kissed her hard and then gently to see if she would respond , but she didn’t . She just looked at me impassively for a few seconds, and I instantly felt regret. Ellie took a deep breath again; she placed her palms gently on my waist moved them up to my pectorals and started gently unbuttoning my shirt . I stopped her mid way and shook my head. I placed her hand on my left peck and she took my hand and placed it on her chest. Her heart was beating as fast as mine was . I was afraid that I did something wrong . I didn’t know why her heart was racing. I gave her one look and she spoke;

“ Maxwell I am afraid you are going to break my heart again if I let you in.”

“I am still stuck on that last goodbye and I am more afraid of you breaking mine.”

“What are you saying?”

“ I never got over you.”


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