Chapter 3


There are three different types of love. There is the first love; meantime love , and everlasting love. The first love is the kind of love that is one for the books . The meantime love is experimental , what the hell was I thinking this cannot be love type of love. Then , then there is the everlasting love. If you by any chance find yourself back in the arms of your first love after going through hell , then you should consider yourself lucky. You can sometimes get stuck in meantime love until you wake up ; just pray that it’s not too late and that your heart is strong enough to find the everlasting love that ignites an eternal flame in your heart.

I honestly wasn’t expecting to end up sleeping with Maxwell Jeremiah Blackwell. The week I spent back home flew by and I left without saying goodbye to Max because he was busy talking to Billie and Blake. Megan Max’s mother didn’t want me to leave; but I had to go. I told her to tell Max that I love him but I had to rush back to the city because of a work emergency. After saying my goodbyes to the family excluding Dex and Sandra .I took one of the cars in the garage at the house and drove myself back home. I had a house near work so I parked it there instead of my apartment which was in the city. It’s my go to place after a night out or time out .

When I switched on my phone Maria had sent me a message suggesting we go out to celebrate her new promotion on Friday. Monday to Thursday I worked on the media plan for the club Max played for. Call it fate but if the schedule was anything to go by I was going to be traveling around the country and living out of a suitcase. The international trips too were short but hectic. I wondered how in the hell anyone could stay in a relationship where ; your better half is all over the country and spends five out of twelve months with you. I’d honestly go crazy… and become insecure too, leading to trust issues and an epic ending to a partnership that I call a relationship .

Some women have the stamina and they are committed, some even travel with their men . I also had to organize a tournament in my home town for unearthing new talent at my old highs-school… I was unfortunately given October 31st to November 3 off for Dex and Sandra’s wedding. Luckily Maria wanted to go clubbing in my hometown and besides I had a party to attend Thursday evening and I took Friday off . I could work from the lake house and set up my office there before I hit the road with the team come January. My assistant had also set up a meeting with a guy that would be shadowing me for the December tournament on Saturday morning .

On Wednesday evening I arrived back at the family home. Dexter and Sandra were nowhere to be seen. When I asked my grandfather he told me that; they were up at the Country Club Resort and they were having their wedding there instead of the family property. He also told me that Max has been coming over to help him with some of the paper work he needed to submit for the scholarship program he was setting up. He also asked me; if I was falling back in love with Maxwell?

I couldn’t lie to him and I told him the truth. As soon as I called it a day at midday on Thursday morning; I went to the local bakery to go pick up my cake and cupcakes. I wasn’t getting married so ;I could drop the cupcakes at the orphanage and the cake I would figure out what to do with it later. My phone rang indicating an incoming call from an unknown number before I could drive out;

“Ell speaking?”

“hey It’s MJ are you back home?”

My heart stopped for a second and did a somersault. His voice still did things to me that I couldn’t explain.

“Hey. Yes I am.”

“Are you free?”

“Between the Bill and Blake’s birthday party; Club night on Friday with Mary and a meeting with someone I am supposed to be working with on Saturday afternoon, oh and Mass on Sunday, I am not sure. “

“ is there anything that can swing in my favor?”

“ I am not sure.”

“ You look sexy in that lady bug printed dress and sandals.”

“I didn’t tell you what I was wearing.”

“You also left without saying goodbye. Was I really that bad in bed?”

I flashed back to the last week of September and I don’t know what it is about sex when you are older and feeling less guilty.

“I didn’t say anything .”

“ Your car is big enough and I know the perfect place .”

“No. Have you slept with anyone since we were together?”

“No. I told you I wanted to prove to you that I am committed to us.”

“Your ex?”

“Is history. “

“ It’s your brother and sister’s birthday party today.”

“ I know and the bakery says that; your cousin is making them do the unbelievable so, I don’t have any cake .”

“ Well I just happen to have cake . I wanted to go drop the cupcakes at the orphanage. “

“ I am also struggling with regards to cash flow too.”

I went inside my S.U.V. and slid into the cockpit .

“ We are in the middle of a heat wave. I heard what Betty did.”

“ I paid off everything and sold most of my things. I have an apartment in the city and I was given a job offer. I am coming over to your car.”

“ Where is yours?”

“The twins have it. I gave it to them for their birthday.”

I heard a knock on my car window making me jump. It was MJ. As soon as he got in he leaned over to kiss me; and I kissed him back 

“ I missed you .”

Max kissed my forehead and smiled.

“ I missed you too.”

“I am not an expert at writing, and mailing I traded my care to the twins for your numbers.”

“ knowing you, you have another one ,sneaky .”

He chuckled and buckled up.

“I am already burning up and I we don’t have enough time you have club night tomorrow.”

I started driving and Max started fiddling with my music system.

“ What are you doing Black ?”

“Eleanor we aren’t going to listen to your music for the next thirty minuets . “

“My car. My music.”

“ I am a guest so I sort of, kind of win .”

“ No .”

“ What’s the password?”

“ I am not telling you.”

Maxwell was back to being his annoying self and above all I was falling back in love with him hard.

“ Fine then I will take a lucky guess .”

Max typed in the password and loaded his playlist. My car was quiet for a couple of seconds until; he started singing a song we both loved , in fact it was one of the sound tracks to our love story. Before I knew it we were singing together at the top of our lungs ;

“ When you are with me I am free … I’m careless …I believe above all the others we’ll fly this brings tears to my eyes my sacrifice.”

He had loaded Creed , James Morrison , Florence and the machine and Linkinpark onto my system . I hadn’t sung that creed song in over fifteen years . My Sacrifice was one of the songs we listened to when he going through the most. We were both dealing with a lot but grew throw it . He had daddy issues and to a point he opened up about the physical abuse. He had ran away from his house one rainy evening and I was awake when he knocked looking for me. After helping him dry up ;he came upstairs to my room and I yanked out my sleeping bag, and a couple of pillows. We spent the whole night talking and listening to music .

It was a Friday night when his father came home drunk and her mother was visiting home . When I asked him if he ate anything , he shook his head . We both snuck into the kitchen and made toasted cheese sandwiches. I didn’t like anything to do with pork; because it resulted in my tonsils being inflamed , but on that night I ate the ham and cheese sandwich and the next day I woke up under the weather. It felt like I had streps; which I suffered a lot from after removing my tonsils , but ten times worse . I ended in hospital leading to the removal of my tonsils and Maxwell came to visit me and stay when he was given permission . I think he was the one who opened , my work document because he was the only one who knew I loved butterflies.

We pulled up by the orphanage , and it was awfully quiet; when I checked the time it was homework session. I knew that because I used to come and help the kids out . As soon as I entered the study hall little Raphael came running to me to give me a hug , as soon as Max walked in everyone got up and wanted to meet him. The level of control he had was awe inspiring . He even had time to take a picture with everyone except for Raphael. He was four years old and the youngest of the group . He wouldn’t let go of me . When I put him down and convinced him to take a picture with Max , he nodded and pulled my hand too. indicating he wanted me in the picture too. Sister Catherine took the picture and max took a selfie . As soon as I was done with the treat I had to say; goodbye . Raphael made me promise to come back with MJ and Max promised .

Feeling a bit fatigued I gave MJ the car keys and he was more than happy to drive .

When we made it to his house which was just a couple of kilometers away from my family home , we took out the cake and made it in time for the party. The caterers I had hired were there too. Feeling tired after the festivities which ended later than expected , I called it a day, and Maxwell who was still buzzing drove me home tucked me in after running a bath for me and slept next to me . Something about being in Maxwell’s arms felt secure.


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