Chapter 18


There is a sense of freedom in surrender and safety in vulnerability. Surrendering or submitting to what has held you hostage for a long time ; gives way to some sort of healing ,and balance .If there is one thing I have learned about suffering in silence ; it is that you can be your own worst enemy and tormenter if you don't speak up and ask for help. Help is always there if you ask, just make sure your pride doesn't get in the way. Everyone has a dark place and it also exists within are spaces of light . There cannot be light without darkness and darkness without light. Whether you feed into the darkness that consumes you and later makes way for light , or the light that illuminates everything that makes you want to hide in the dark, you need to find a level where both can exist and work as a team. An analogy I can use can be waves crashing on rocks in the sea. People don't build ships to wreck , your mind and body were not built to wreck .

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