Chapter 19


I love long talks with Ellie. I knew she needed her space and even though it was difficult for me to let her be; my patience paid off because after her screaming episode ,she opened up after I calmed her down . I got more worried when she stood up to go get water and she sat back down cringing in pain. It turned out her body was adjusting .She did tell me that it felt like her own body was under attack. She had spoken to Daniel and he assured her she was fine. Sunday morning we went to the earliest service was at six thirty ,and by seven thirty in the morning we were on our way back home . Ellie was finally asleep. As much as I loved the lake house ,I had a surprise for Ellie. Salvatore had helped me keep the surprise I had for her under wraps. I also needed a bit of a nap but not as much as Ellie did. She couldn't sleep and her reasons were valid and her fears were not baseless. 

I missed my chance at being a father because the gir

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