Hagne stared at the sleeping figure on her mat while she slept. The woman that fell from the sky the night before had her white hair cover half of her face. She slept calmly like she was at peace. Hagne had never seen someone as unreal as she, she was like a literal angel. No, she was actually an angel.

It was hard for Hagne to process what was going on. Why did the angel have to fall in front of her house? And why did it have to be at a time like this?

She decided after a long while that she would leave the questions to the angel when she awoke.

Hagne’s eyes darted to the horn that was once in the grasp of the angel, she gulped. She couldn’t help the fear that crept up in her. What kind of thing did she do that got her in trouble with a demon? Because only demons had horns that hideous.

But still, the angel must be strong if she could pull that out of the head of a demon.

Soft footsteps tore her mind away from her pointless thinking. H

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