To say Hagne was speechless was an understatement. She thought the angel couldn’t look any more divine while she slept, but now she was heavenly breathtaking. And her children agreed with her.

Their eyes were wider than saucers and their mouths were open, there was no human being on earth that could look that good. Impossible.

The angel in front of them shifted a little like she was uncomfortable, so Hagne drew herself out of her trance and stepped forward. The angel backed away.

“Uh…hello”. Hagne awkwardly said.

The angel didn’t reply. She eyed Hagne from head to toe before doing the same to her children then she returned her gaze to the woman, still not speaking a word.

“My name is Hagne”. Hagne stated, she pointed at her children. “Those are my children, Fia, Ciro and Edvige”.

Still no reply. It was Hagne’s turn to shift uncomfortably. Did the angel not like her? Was she that ba

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