Ezra was beyond intrigued. When Abaddon opened his mouth to give him a report, he had not expected what he heard.The angel that had attacked his servant had a bodyguard and they were staying with a poor human family. Ezra could never grasp what the angels did on earth, none of the demons could but this one was the trickiest of them all. He was sure of one thing however, that the female angel was important and now he wanted to meet her himself.

Abaddon had been cured by his master and he was now touching his hornless head with a frown on his face but that was all he did. He couldn’t open his mouth to complain, Ezra would turn him into a crisp if he dared. He was lucky to be alive.

“This human family”. His master started. “How many are they?”

“I only saw one human, a woman. But she looked old enough to have children”.

Ezra nodded his head. For him to check things out himself, he needed an excuse. The last thing he w

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