Lucifer's legs landed softly at the front door of the mansion his loyal servant walked into, his wings flapping for a few seconds before retracting into his back. From the entrance, he spotted four angels apart from the female angel. A smile stretched out on his lips.

The angels in the room were engaged in a conversation not noticing his presence, until the female angel whispered something to them and their gaze turned to the glorious cherub at the front door. They all stood immediately, bowing slightly before raising their heads to face him again. Lucifer walked into the room and shut the door; he then snapped his fingers creating a barrier over the room to prevent anyone from listening to what was spoken inside the room.

He examined the angels before him carefully, taking in their appearance. The tallest among them stood at the far end of the room. He had some striking features on his face that made Lucifer believe he was an angel of high rank, a throne to be exact. He had a well defined face and golden streaks in his silver hair and some weaved all the way down from his head to his cheeks. His pale skin lightened and his emerald eyes sparkled as he stared at Lucifer.

"What is your name?" Lucifer asked, the smile still plastered on his face. The angel bowed again.

"Gadreel, master". He replied. Lucifer nodded and his attention moved to a shorter angel at Gadreel's side.

Unlike Gadreel, she didn't have special streaks on her well defined face but she still possessed the same pale skin. Her eyes were silver in color and her white hair, shorter than the others was slicked back.

"And yours?" Lucifer asked her. She bowed as well, with a smile on her face.

"Kasdaye, master". He nodded again. Next he looked at an average height angel with blue eyes. His white hair was longer than the first two and was held in a messy bun. He also had the same pale skin.


"Yeqon, master". The last angel Adriel had brought was different looking than the rest. His eyes were golden just like Lucifer's and he had caramel skin. He also had black hair that flowed down to his shoulders.

"And you?" The tall angel bowed.

"Asbeel, master". Lucifer nodded. Finally, his gaze shifted to the female angel who had summoned them. She was a cherub just like him with the same golden hair and golden eyes. Her skin also glowed just like Lucifer's but not in the same power.

"Well done Adriel, this service would not go unrewarded". He commended. The angel smiled warmly, her eyes twinkling in admiration. Lucifer paid her little attention as he focused his gaze back on the other four angels.

"I would not lie". He started. "I do not know what Adriel had said to you that made you come before me today. I hope it isn't anything to…appalling".

"No master Lucifer". Gadreel spoke up. "But we did not need to listen to what she had to say before we agreed. Anything you wish, we are ready to be of service".

Lucifer smiled and nodded. He knew his position in the heavens would favor him in his mission; all the angels adored and respected him.

"I truly admire your loyalty Gadreel and I thank you for it, however, the mission we are to embark on is very risky and might cause uproar in the heavens". He paused and watched their expressions. None of them showed any signs of fear. "I hope you are ready".

"Like Gadreel said master Lucifer, whatever you wish for us to do, we'll do it". Kasdaye replied. The angel's eyes twinkling like the others. Lucifer smiled internally, all the angels were whipped for him.

This should be very easy. "Very well". He said. "I have been the closest to our maker since the day I was created and I have served him faithfully without grudges or any sign of displeasure. I have done his bidding for as long as I can remember and helped him accomplish his goals in heaven, but…I am afraid I cannot do what he wishes any longer". His words had an effect on the angels. Their once calm and enthusiastic expressions were now replaced with worry and confusion.

Lucifer knew he needed to be careful with his words. He knew if he needed to win their trust completely, he needed to be the hero of the story and God the villain. He needed to lie.

"Master, wh—why would you say that?" Adriel asked. Lucifer released a sigh, one long enough to convince them that he was truly disturbed. Even though he wasn't.

"He is planning something unusual. He has grown prideful and drunken with power. What he has asked me to do I have refused to accomplish and because of this I fear for my life". He said. The angels were tensed. This was not a mere person he spoke of but the creator of their very existence. If the accusations Lucifer made were true, then their lives were in danger.

"We don't…"

"Understand". Gadreel took the words right out of Adriel's lips. "How long have you noticed this?"

Lucifer eyed him carefully with a bland expression. Gadreel's tone was not laced with sincere curiosity but rather, suspicion.

"You don't believe my words?" He asked. Gadreel narrowed his eyes.

"That was not what I implied master. It's just…everything has been sailing smoothly, nothing has gone amiss. If he had any ill plans for us, don't you think we would see signs by now?"

Lucifer nodded slightly. He had not expected this many questions from Gadreel or any one for that matter. He had expected his rank to do all the work for him. The truth was Lucifer had nothing to tell them, nothing that would please them at least. How could he tell them that the reason he wanted God's throne was not to help them but to satisfy his own wants? Or that he expected them to act like dummies and follow him everywhere he went and did his dirty work for him? He stared at Gadreel.

"You have not had any issues because I have not carried out his orders for a while as I said before". He replied. Gadreel's face showed he still was not convinced.

"Master..." Gadreel started but Lucifer held his hands up, stopping him.

"You want proof". Lucifer stated. Gadreel said nothing in return, confirming what he said. Lucifer sighed.

"Very well, you'll get your proof and by that time, I would want your undying loyalty". Gadreel nodded in response.

Lucifer knew he had a lot of work to do. He needed to find something great that might seem implicating to God, convincing evidence that would shift things to his favor. But for him to do that, he needed to get an audience with the spirit he was slowly beginning to hate.

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