Gasps of shock filled the heavens as Lucifer came towards the city, the sword behind him.

Lucifer saw the angels gather, murmuring among themselves and staring with awe, he would have been pleased that he got this many attention if he wasn't already irritated by his conversation earlier.

When he arrived at the temple, the doors opened and he walked in. He moved to the middle of the temple where he intended to place the sword. The two seraphs that followed did not speak to him or pay any attention to him, instead they focused on the sword intently like it could develop legs and run on its own.

As he crossed the middle, the sword stood in his former position. Once again, he admired it and all at once, many evil things crossed his mind against the maker.

"Lucifer". One of the seraphs called. He glared at the glowing male with the intent of scaring him but unlike the other angels he commanded, the angel did not care about his squeezed face.

"You must l

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