Today was the day of the tournament. Every angel suspended all that they were doing to be a part of it either as a spectator or a competitor. Everyone was buzzing with excitement. There was hardly any tension in the air, at the end all the angels played for fun even if they lost. Another thing that brought joy to them was the addition of new angels to their various ranks. It was the best part of the event. The angels had gathered in the second largest hall outside of the city. The seats were covered with golden angels, some cheering, some speaking to each other. The ten contestants chosen by Lucifer however were in a separate room where they were allowed to get ready.

Adriel was sitting on a bench, fixing her boots. Once in a while, she would glare at any angel who walked past her, attempting to assert her dominance. Even though it seemed petty, it worked on some of the angels because she was of high rank. Anytime her glare would have any effect, she will smirk and focus her

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