Nahamani stared at Lucifer stunned. She had noticed him from where she sat behind a guard at the top of the arena. She saw a clear smoke around him indicating that he had cloaked himself but she didn't understand why he did so and why only she could see him. She turned to Carshena, whose attention was drawn to the game.

"Where did  master Lucifer say he was again?" She asked.

"Up in the makers temple, he said he called him for private talk. You should know that, you were the one he told". She said without looking at her. Nahamani looked back at Lucifer, who was staring at the top three angels on the field. Her eyes followed his gaze. She knew there was something off with Adriel and Gadreel's behavior earlier. Was it that Lucifer put them there for a different reason other than the game?  When she looked up again, Lucifer had disappeared from his spot. She jumped up from her seat, ready to go after him.

"Where are you going?"Carshena asked.

"To s

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