Adriel and Gadreel stood at the center of the big hall. The hall of praise but at this moment, the hall of judgement. Something like this has never happened before, so the angels were unsure of what to do. The games were halted after the incident with no winners and the welcoming of the new angels did not commence either. No one even cared about that anymore. They were more interested in the trial of Adriel.

She had killed a fellow angel. She had acted out of anger, a trait that was not common in the heavens. Everyone was at peace with each other. Happy, joyful. Where did she get the anger from?

Kemuel, a very important cherub stood in front of Adriel, the crowd staring back at him, waiting for him to begin the trial.  His long white hair cascaded down his back even to the floor, brushing it graciously whenever he moved.  His pale skin glimmered as the lights from the heaven shone on it and his blue eyes stared at Adriel with disgust.

"People of heaven

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