Lucifer gracefully walked over down the hall. The angels watching him in silence. He then picked Adriel up by one hand and Gadreel by the other. With a straight face, he stared at Kemuel who was about to complain about his actions.

"I set the rules for the game. I get orders from the maker. It is my judgement that will stand over yours and I wish to torture them and kill them myself". He said. Kemuel sighed and then bowed down slightly, a sign of surrender. With a smirk, he turned around and dragged them out of the hall. He did not speak to them and they did not speak to him. Lucifer could tell they were frightened, not only from their faces but from the way their hands shook in his. He made his way to his chambers and pushed them into it. Adriel and Gadreel fell to the ground but they quickly stood up and bowed to Lucifer not daring to look at his face.

Lucifer then shut the door and stared at them with crossed arms. He was beyond furious with them. He really intended

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