"You don't know who has the key?" Adriel asked in shock. Lucifer growled.

"I told you to stay there and shut up!" He yelled.  Adriel looked down at her feet again. She needed to do something that will make Lucifer be pleased with her again.

"Why would the maker not give the key to you?" Gadreel asked. Lucifer had no idea to that question. Had he chosen someone else over him? Even if he did not want to serve anymore, he wanted to be the one to leave not for him to be kicked out. That will be humiliating.

"I do not know". He said then paused. He remembered that he had to address the angels concerning the situation of the competition and the fate of his followers. The new rank will not be given and neither will there be any new angels because the tournament was stopped. But then how will he get Adriel and Gadreel to live freely and come up with a lie good enough for the angels in heaven?

He then remembered Nahamani and the two angels he had kept in the

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