"THEY DID WHAT?" Kemuel yelled. Michael and Lucifer were standing with him, both of their hands crossed. When Michael had passed the information to the angels, Lucifer had anticipated they would be scared and confused. It was in this state of confusion, he will pretend to be their savior and get them to be on his side.

He was very unbothered. He needed to get that key from Nahamani very soon. He knew that the lies he had been telling would not hold on for much longer.

"Master how could you not hold them?" Kemuel asked in an accusing tone. Lucifer eyed him cautiously. Kemuel could be a huge problem to him and he would not mind killing him if he had to.

"I didn't hold them. I let them walk freely". He said. The angels started to murmur after this.

"Why would you do that, they are traitors, they could escape". He half yelled. Lucifer sighed.

"To where?" Kemuel closed his mouth after this.

"They are traitors yes but they are angels  who sho

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