Lucifer stared at the key with so much admiration. This was the moment he had been waiting for and now his supremacy was closer than ever. He stared at Nahamani.  His eyes had returned to its normal color and they were sparkling in excitement. The angel he was staring at however ,was not as excited as he was. Lucifer crouched down to meet her eyes and he smiled. He was not actually planning to kill her but he knew he would have to because she will try to expose him.

"Kill me already". She said. Lucifer shook his head.

"Death is the easy way out. I've always said that, the best way for a person to understand the gravity of their actions is through torture". He said with glee.

"You're losing your mind". She replied him. Lucifer shrugged.

"I've already lost it". He reached out for the key on her neck. Nahamani couldn't move because of how her neck was sour from Lucifer's assault earlier. Lucifer however when he reached for the key got shocked by it. He

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