Lucifer was in the same room with Adriel and Gadreel and they were all silent, each of them deep in their own thoughts. Lucifer had kept Nahamani back in the  white room after making her unconscious so the white room wouldn't make her mad. She still had the keys but he knew she had no other choice but to give it to him. If Lucifer wanted, he could wake her up, open the forbidden door and take the sword and that will be all. But he wanted a dramatic reveal. He wanted to show off.

Adriel however was thinking of how she could get the attention of Lucifer again. She had messed up badly and now she was being replaced by Nahamani. She was thinking of several ways she could punish her before killing her off. She didn't know what Lucifer was planning but she knew one way or another, it will be huge and she wanted to be a part of it.

Gadreel's mind was filled with thoughts of anger and boredom. He did not understand why Lucifer played the sick games instead of taking what

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