Lucifer was dancing in his chambers, humming to himself. Once in a while, he will twirl and laugh then continue to sway left and right. He was happy because everything was falling to place. Once he eradicates the cherubs, he will no longer have to listen to the gibberish of following God and it will be easier to convince the other angels who already looked up to him or were now scared of him.

Lucifer heard a light knock at his door.

"Yes?" The door opened slightly and Michael came into view. Lucifer stopped his little dance and faced him completely. He did not want to do anything to him, but he knew how loyal Michael was to God. He knew that very soon, he and his favorite angel would be on opposite sides.

"I came here to find out the names of the contestants for the tournament". He said. His tone was not laced with admiration anymore. This time it was just very formal. And he did not call him master. Lucifer stared at him and with a sigh, and  took a sit ac

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