The arena was filled with every angel in the heavens but unlike the first time, it was dead silent. No one was as enthusiastic as they were before. Everyone was tensed up, Lucifer was going to pick ten of them at random and they all knew deep down that he was not going to make the games as easy as they were before.

After a long period of silence, Lucifer made an appearance with Adriel, Gadreel and shockingly to everyone else, Nahamani. Carshena stood up from her sit as she saw her checking her to see if she was okay. Nahamani gave her a slight nod that eased her temporarily. Her gaze then shifted to Lucifer and she glared at him. Lucifer came to stand in front of the arena, still holding Nahamani on his arm. His golden eyes scanned the entire arena. He saw that every angel was terrified and it made him happy. This is how a ruler should be.

"Angels! It is my great pleasure to announce the names of the contestants of this tournament. You should consider yourself worthy".

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