The next thing the angels saw were two large angels coming at each other with full force. The impact of their collision created a large bang that shook the pillars of the arena making the angels gasp in shock and fear. Michael intended to make the first move by swinging at Lucifer's face but Lucifer was already ahead of him. He blocked his arm and gave him an uppercut, sending Michael flying to the other side of the arena. Some angels winced at the impact while Gadreel and Adriel smiled subtly. There was no way Michael can beat Lucifer, he was going to die at the end of the day.

Michael stood up immediately much to everyone's surprise. He had collected a lot of blows and hits from Lucifer before so he was used to it. He didn't really have a plan other than to try to hit Lucifer as hard as possible to weaken him, but even that seemed impossible because Lucifer had never shown weakness. He was so engrossed in his thoughts, he didn't notice that Lucifer was running towards him.

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