The angels in heaven were silent, except for Michael whose low groans could be heard echoing throughout the arena. They were waiting patiently for the large smiling angel to make a move. Lucifer removed the key from his neck and admired it. Finally, he had everything he wanted. All those times of scheming and dealing with the angels insubordination were over. His eyes went round the arena, eyeing the quivering angels then right before their eyes, he disappeared.

He reappeared right in front of the very door he was banned from.  he felt like the door knew he was the winner of the tournament because when he placed the key into the hole, it disappeared and the door opened. The floors that were surrounded by flames were now free and the sword was no longer out of reach. Lucifer's eyes widened, he couldn't believe his plan worked. He couldn't believe that God was so dumb to let all these happen. He walked in majestically with his hand stretched out.

When his fingertips

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