The cries of war filled Lucifer's ears immediately. A horde of angels came after his subjects, their swords and spears clashing with one another's. The archers from atop the arena did not hesitate to shoot their arrows at unexpected opponents and soon after golden dust began to fill the air. Lucifer smiled broadly. He knew his angels had more advantage over the warriors of heaven, he had no fear. Instead of joining in the fight, he simply went to sit beside Michael's body which had not moved from its place. Surprisingly, he was still conscious but his hand was slowly withering away. Any angel that attempted to come at Lucifer did not even make it pass the center of the arena as Lucifer's allies struck them down with haste.

The cherub pretended as though the sounds of the angel's cry was but a lullaby and focused his attention on Michael, who was glaring with all his might. Lucifer scoffed and raised an eyebrow in amusement, the ability for Michael to endure much pain was his

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