Though they both wanted to just remain in each other’s embrace forever, Clark and Sonia knew that they were still in a pirate city and what it meant. With reluctance, they quickly left the city with Arthur.

Even if they tried to cover it up, it was impossible so they didn’t bother. In minutes, the news of Pirate Queen Anamel’s death spread through the pirate city and beyond.

For long, Clark has always been worried about his reaction when he finally saw Sonia again but he was surprised when he did. It was like they never separated; it was like they’ve lived through all these years together.

15 minutes later, they got sufficiently far away into the desert from the pirate city so they finally had the time to speak things out.

Sonia brought out the stolen pistol first, which Clark handed over to Arthur. After this, she finally started detailing her encounters after Clark asked.

According to her, after the fierce battle on her fa

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