“Leonidas, you wish to attend?”

Hearing that, the Spartan President sighed, exasperated. “If you were not my mentor, I would have probably fired you already. Cough…, sorry for that but I’m really going, what’s the big deal?”

“You’re really asking me that right now? Of course, there’s a big deal. Apart from military burials, do you know the last time you have for social gatherings?”

“I dunno, probably a decade or 2”.

“No…, 4 decades! 4 whole decades! You get that?” The old man emphasized by waving his hands vigorously, showing 4 fingers at the powerful soldier.

“Suddenly going to a social event after such a long time staying at home, what do you think will be people’s reaction. They may feel that something is happening, they may even panic”.

“And just because he’s a 4th rank high-grade soldier does not change anythin

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