6 months ago, the sky turned red which according to world leaders signified the start of the war that would decide the fate of humanity.

2 months prior, the news was finally publicized, spreading worldwide panic but with all the most powerful world leaders working together, the panic was easily curbed and order was restored.

According to the government, humanity was not hopeless, they had heroes in the form of their soldiers and elite soldiers.

Not only that, humanity had a superhero, the great Elite Commander Clark Pendragon. After the special training started, a fuse seemed to have been switched on as the Spartan soldier experienced a period of rapid growth.

With veteran Elite Commanders around to guide him and with every resource he needed available, he encountered no bottlenecks, he improved at a superhuman speed never recorded since the human race was born.

In just 4 months, he broke through 2 times, going all the way to the Elite-grade rank.


Thanks for reading. The book finally ends, I hope you enjoyed the journey. If you're interested, you can try my new novel on ***, 'Ocean Master', it's an exciting read. Once again, thanks for following me for so long.

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brad sr
The ending seemed rushed, really though Clark becoming an elite was the hole point of the book but yet you breezed right by it like rank 2 and 3 soldier should have, what was the point or most of the book?
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this is how you end it? i looked forward to the war! im disappointed.
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Al Vero
Is that all?
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