Chapter 16


“ I am doing this because I love you. ” He whispered close to her lips and Sara's fight or flight response activated instantly.

Her hand shot up to slap him right across his face, before she pushed him away from her. Her eyes glared at the darkness in front of her.

“ Do. Not. Touch. Me. Again. ” Her eyes burned as she hissed at him and heard the ragged breaths from in front of her.

“ You just slapped me? ” He chuckled out in disbelief.

Realization dawned upon Sara all of a sudden. Her hand shot up to cover her mouth in horror.

This man knew her ugly secrets and he was hell powerful. How could she just slap him so stupidly?! He could destroy her and she went around provoking him.

What's wrong with you Sara?! Her mind scolded her harshly.

But she couldn't hold herself back. When he touched her, she was already feeling disgust
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Inderpreet Grewal
interesting.... he is testing her
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olaniyan omobolanle
why is Alexander doing this , he should just let her know who he is
goodnovel comment avatar
It's on ❤❤❤

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