Chapter 20


Settling down on the last seat in the jet, Sara heaved a breath of relief. Instead of staying far away, Silas came and sat down on the seat opposite of her causing Sara to almost throw her legs in the air and whine out.

Why couldn't he just leave her the hell alone?

To avoid listening to Silas and looking in his piercing eyes, she plugged in the earphones before turning her head to look outside the window.

In a while, the plane was in the air and all she could see from here were fluffy clouds.

Sighing softly, Sara's mind wandered off to what that Devil might do again. She couldn't help but feel on edge.

Sara didn't know what she was doing or what she wanted to do anymore. Everything was blurred now.

Future. Ambitions. Decisions. Goals. Everything.

Her tired eyes were still fixed on those clouds as a lump clogged her throat slowly.

Suddenly, someon
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Janica Marzan Tabag
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Lola Rondon
Sleeping like pig .. that’s a weird simile .. what happened to sleeping like a baby .. is more elegant

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