Chapter 21


Sara could feel someone trying to wake her up so she blinked her eyes open and looked to her right to find Silas staring down at her.

Slowly, she looked down before realizing he was laying beside her. His hand was supporting his head and he was smiling down at her.

“ What. Are. You. Doing? ” Raising her eyebrows, Sara croaked out and pushed herself to sit.

Looking around, she sighed. Did he really carry her to the room when she was sleeping? She sighed again.

“ We are landing in half an hour. We need to go back to the seats and buckle up. ” Silas informed her before getting up and leaving her alone.

Sara narrowed her eyes and glared at his back until he disappeared.

Inhaling deeply, she got up too and strolled to the door before going to the bathroom to fix herself up.

Fixing her hair and clothes, Sara came out and took her seat far aw
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