Chapter 22


Dealing with Silas...was frustrating. That's what Sara thought after hearing him talk non-stop until they finished eating.

From the scenery to the current temperature, he talked about everything. Sara knew, he just wanted her to talk to him but she was too stubborn for that. She just kept listening to him and then went back to bed.

She regretted getting up now. She hated to admit it but every time Silas talked about even the stupidiest of things...

Sara listened to him carefully.

Now as she laid on the bed with her back facing the room, she simply stared at the wooden wall in front of her. The bed was swaying lightly which was causing her some serious anxiety but she was not going to admit it out loud.

Out of a sudden, Sara felt the other side of the bed dipping and she turned around instantly.

“ We won't sleep in the same bed. ” She declared just as her eyes
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