Chapter 2: Leaving Here For Good


It’s been exactly four days since Liam’s birthday and my dad informing us that we would be moving to New York. Ever since then, Liam has been calling and texting me, but I have just ignored him.

I did not want to think of him even though I had the urge to pick up the call or just send him a text, but I hold back, realizing that things will never be the same as they used to be.

Luckily, it is our school holiday time and I do not have to see him or get bullied by the whole school about what happened during the birthday party. But I’m pretty sure Melissa, that bitch, has already spread it to the whole school via social media.

Honestly speaking, I miss him, and it was hard avoiding the pain in my heart. I told my family what had happened, and they comforted me by distracting me which really help me.

My sisters wanted to beat the shit out of Melissa, but I stopped them, afraid that they would get busted since her father is super protective of her.

Yesterday, mom told me that Liam had come to my house, wondering if he could speak to me about something. But luckily, I was out with my sisters as they wanted me to cheer up before we left for New York.

I cried when mom told me he had come by but I was glad Mom did not tell him that we would be moving to New York; instead, she decided she would tell his mom at the last minute. I was grateful for what mom did because I knew mom really adored Liam a lot when we were best friends.

She has been shipping us together since we were young, but was devastated when I told her the truth about what happened that night.

Today is finally the day when I am finally leaving this place for good. Our flight is in the afternoon and now I’m just loading the car with my luggage. I am holding onto the box of memories that Liam and I shared.

In the box, there were a bunch of things that Liam gave me on my birthdays. The things in the box are definitely the best memory I ever had of our friendship.

However, I push that thought at the back of my mind. But it was too late, my mind went back to the day of his birthday; the humiliation I faced came rushing back.

I want to return the box back to him as I do not want to hold onto the memories of him. It is too painful to even think about it.

I walk to the living room and ask, “Mom, can we stop by the post office before we head to the airport? I need to send something back to someone.”

Mom smiles and says, “Sure honey, anything for you.”

Suddenly Dad shouts from the car window, “Everyone, get in the car in twenty minutes. We need to leave soon.”

I quickly rush back to my room and look at it one last time, before taking my bag and heading out of the house.

We are loading the trunk when suddenly someone says, “See you all soon.”

I look back and saw Mr. Polar and make my way to him, running into his arms.

“I will miss you, Mr. Polar. Take good care of yourself and remember to take good care of our house, too.”

He nods his head in response and pushes me away and says, “Be a good girl and study hard okay, Taylor?”

I kiss his cheek. “I will, Mr. Polar.”

My sisters hug him too and mumble something to him, making all of us laugh. Finally, it was time to go and we say goodbye to Mr. Polar, promising that we will call him once we safely reached our destination in New York. All of us pile into the car, giving one last glance to our house and dad begins to drive.

As we were leaving our neighbourhood, we happen to pass by Liam’s house. I see Liam playing basketball with his bunch of popular friends.

When he sees our car, he instantly recognizes it. From the corner of my eye, I see he stops playing and instead stands, holding the ball in his hand looking in my direction. I look straight avoiding eye contact with him while my sisters look at him and smile back.

My phone vibrates and I see that Liam had messaged me, but I did not open it, wanting to end everything that we had. Instead, I shut my phone off and put my phone inside my bag.

Thirty minutes later we reach the post office, and my dad turns to me, “Taylor, I am giving you ten minutes to post your things. Be quick so that we do not miss our flight.”

I nod in response and quickly head inside the post office, the box in one hand.

I walk up to the counter and say, “Good afternoon, I would like to send this package.”

The woman at the counter, who looked like she was in her late twenties, says, “Good afternoon. Okay, here is the form that you need to fill in; make sure that you write the delivery address clearly.”

I smile and say, “Thank you.”

I take the paper and marker from her and sat down in an empty spot to fill in the form.

After I’m done, I go back to the counter, hand the form and box to her and ask, “I am done. How much do I need to pay?”

She weighs the box, looks at the computer screen, and says, “It is $5.”

I pass her a five-dollar bill. “Thank you.”

She smiles. “You too, sweetheart. Have a nice day.”

I smile at her and turn around making my way back to the car. Dad starts the engine and we are finally headed to the airport.

After an hour of driving, we finally reach the airport and I begin to take some of our belongings and arranging them on the trolley. Uncle Sam was already there, and he walks up to us. “Have a nice trip, everyone. I will take good care of your car.”

Dad gives him a brotherly hug. “You better take good care of my car or else I am going to make you buy me a new car.”

All of us laugh and wave at Uncle Sam as we make our way into the airport.

After having smoothly navigated through security checks, we are currently sitting down in our seats, waiting for our plane to depart which will be probably in a few more minutes. Mom dials Liam’s mom’s phone number to inform her that we’re moving to New York and that we’re already in the plane, while I just stare out of the window.

Suddenly, there was an announcement. “Good afternoon, everyone. I am your captain, Captain Mark, today. We are going to depart soon. Please switch off your phone or turn it to airplane mode and please put on your seatbelt for safety. Thank you.”

I clip on my seatbelt and hear my mom saying goodbye to Liam’s mom. Mom turns her head to me and says, “I told her already and she wishes you all the best for your future.”

I nod my head in response and look straight, feeling the plane taking off slowly from the ground.

We were finally leaving this place behind. I took this chance and look out of the window, admiring the beauty of my hometown.

“Goodbye,” I say softly, placing my palm on the window and feel a tear roll down my cheeks.

Mom grasps my hand and says, “Don’t worry. You will make many friends in New York. Don’t think about what happened anymore okay?”

I gave her a sad smile and look away.

Never look back at this place again and move on. This will be my new beginning. I repeat this in my head a hundred times before I drift off to sleep wondering what my future will be like...

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