Chapter 3: My New Beginning

Taylor's POV

2 years later

Ever since I have stepped into New York, two years ago, my life has turned out to be amazing. I expected nothing on the first day of school, but surprisingly, my class welcomed me with a welcoming party.

The lifestyle here in New York is so different from my hometown and I really like this place better. Even though I've been here for only two years, it already feels like home.

The truth is I was scared that my group of friends would turn out to be like Melissa who was mean and cruel, but they aren't like her. They are kind, funny, talented and mostly, badass, especially my girls.

During the party, they introduced me to all of their co-curricular activities, friends and games that they usually played; like true or dare and drinking beer, whereby two people will challenge who can drink the most and the loser has to skinny dip in the pool, which I'm glad that I didn't lose. It was a good game to play during the party and I truly enjoyed it.

It was the best thing that ever happened in my life. My squad is the best in school, and it consists of 4 boys and 4 girls.

The girl's names are Emma, Ava and Charlotte. The boy's names are Kayden, Jayden, Daniel and Zach. Mostly all of us are in the same English and Math class, but are separated for the others.

I am currently in class, but I cannot concentrate as I kept thinking about my friends.

Emma is a very cheerful person even though her family background wasn't that good. She is also really brave and smart, especially when she called the police on her dad, when he was illegally doing drugs. It must have been hard for her, considering that he is her father. 

Ava is the party queen in our school. Every weekend, she hosts a big party for our school, and she is the chairman of the party club. She is the type of girl that no one messed with, because if you did, then you'd end up on the wrong side.

Charlotte is the chairman of my class and let me tell you, if any boys try to get into her pants, she will make sure that she leaves the guy with a broken nose and a broken dick.

Kayden and Jayden are fraternal twins. Despite being twins, they're very different in some ways; especially when it comes to the type of girls they like. Kayden likes girls who would only be willing for one-night stands but Jayden like girls who can commit to a relationship. But both brothers communicate well with each other, so I guess it is really the twin's thing?

Daniel is the clown in my class. He helps to brighten up people's days especially mine, on my first day of school when I was shy and introverted. One time, he literally glued Mr. Potter's chair and Mr. Potter was stuck with the chair for the entire class. When he found out that Daniel was the culprit behind it, he gave Daniel detention for one month.

Zach is the President of Student Council. He is hard to figure out because no matter how close we are, he will always be a close book, just like me in the past. The both of us really work well with one another even though sometimes we disagree sometimes, mostly regarding Student Council. All the girls are really interested in him and sometimes I see some girls sneaking in some cards on his table during class but every time it ended up in the trash can. He told me once that he was not interested in any girl which was weird.

We didn't like being called nerds just because we were smart. It's unfair and a nasty thing to say, as we all study really hard for our position in class.

I'm currently the Captain of the Cheerleading team and Vice-President of the Student Council.  My friends forced me to audition, seeing that I could actually dance. So, I did, and eventually got the position of the captain.

I really like cheerleading because I love dance choreography. I didn't really have the choice back when I was in high school because Melissa and her group of friends formed a majority of the cheerleading team, so I never stood chance.

I snap out from my thoughts as someone pinches my arms. I slap Daniel who is sitting next to me and say, "What did you pinch me for? It hurts like hell."

"I have been calling your name for so long, but you were in your own La La Land. So, I decided to pinch you." He says, laughing.

I flip through my textbook and say, "Oh shit did I miss out anything important that Mr. Shawn was talking about?"

He laughs and says, "No, but your face was hilarious when I pinched you."

"Stop laughing or else, both of us will end up in detention which I don't really want."

He smirks and say, "What if I don't want to stop?"

All of a sudden, Mr. Shawn shouted. "Daniel, you have detention for one hour after school as you are disturbing Taylor. See me after school at my office, if not I will call your parents."

He immediately stops laughing and I smirk, sticking my tongue out at him, teasing him that he now needed to stay back after school.

After class, I go to the canteen with all my best friends and Emma say, "Does anyone want to hear some juicy news?"

All of us squeeze closer towards Emma, and I ask, "What is it?"

"I heard from one of the teachers that a bunch of students from Taylor's hometown will be visiting our school.

I'm shocked when I hear this because I am honestly scared. "Did you hear which university they are from?"

She shakes her head in response and Zach chimes in. "Anyway, later we will be having an assembly. So, the principal will probably be announcing this news."

Everyone goes back to eating their food but for me; I did not have an appetite anymore. Charlotte saw that I was not eating and put her hand on top of mine and said, "Don't worry, we will always have your back."

Everyone nods their head in response, and I almost tear up on hearing their words. "You all are the best and I love you all till death."

Everyone around me laughs and this topic is long forgotten as we continue our daily talks.

After we finish eating, we made our way to our school hall for the assembly. The principal walks to the microphone and says, "Please quickly settle down so that we can start this assembly."

All of us quickly find a seat and once everyone is seated, he starts speaking.

"As you all know, there are already some rumours going around saying that some students from another school are coming to our school. Well, I'd like to announce that it is true, we have been given the privilege of hosting a group of students."

When everyone heard that, they started clapping. I waited to hear which university these students were from; I would definitely not clap if they were from my previous university.

He waits for the claps to die down and continues, "There will be a group of students that will be coming to join us for three months to learn about our education system here. So, in the meantime, I need everyone to welcome them and plan some fun activities for them to make them feel like one of us."

Suddenly, Zach shouted from his seat. "Which school are they from?"

He says, "That is a good question, Zach. Well, the school is Westfield University School."

I hear some girls from my class gossiping behind us, saying, "I hope there are some handsome boys for me."

I immediately feel like throwing up that they could even think about other boys, when they already have one. What cheaters!

The Principal continues, "We hope that everyone will be on their best behaviour and please do not disgrace our school name or else you will have to face detention. Does everybody understand?"

Everyone says, "Yes, Mr. Wilson."

He says, "Okay, everyone is dismissed except for Zach and Taylor. Please meet me in my office. I have something that I want to discuss with you two."

I look at Zach and we nod, waiting for everyone to leave. After everyone left, Zach and I make our way to his office.

"I hope he doesn't give us much work to do," Zach says, looking at me.

I smile and say, "Hopefully."

I knock on the door, waiting for him to invite us in. I open the door for both of us and we sit down on the chair in front of Mr. Wilson.

Zach starts the conversation by saying, "Why did you wish to speak to us, Mr. Wilson?"

He says, "As you know, we have a group of students coming and I need the both of you to help organize the whole event for them."

He picks up a few papers from the desk and passes it to both of us to read.

He continues saying, "These are the lists of things that both of you need to do and the other page is the lists of students."

I nod my head in response and say, "Mr. Wilson, is it alright if we ask for more manpower to help us along?"

He nods. "Of course, the more the merrier, but please make the event fun for them."

Zach stands up. "Of course, Mr. Wilson, we will."

With that, we bow to Mr. Wilson and walk out of the room.

As we leave his office, I scan through the lists of things that we needed to do and I say to Zach, "I hope there aren't that many students in the list because there are a lot of things on this list."

He nods his head in response and we exchange the papers we had, and I start reading the list of students.

I scan through the list and see the names that I wished weren't on the list...

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