Chapter 4: The Names

Taylor's POV


As we leave his office, I scan through the lists of things that we needed to do and I say to Zach, "I hope there aren't that many students in the lists because there are a lot of things on this list."

He nods his head in response and we exchange the papers we had, and I start reading the list of students.

I scan through the lists and see the names that I wished weren't on the list...

Recap over

When I see the names that are on the lists, I tremble in fear remembering the things that they did to me on that particular day. I'm scared that they will embarrass me by telling my whole school about what happened on that day. I'm so lost in my thoughts that I don't hear Zach calling my name.

"Earth to Taylor?" Zach nudges me slightly on my shoulder.

I let out a shaky breath and look at him. "Yes?"

"Are you okay? You crumbled the paper and now I have to photocopy another page for you."

I look at the crumbled paper in my hand.

I fake a smile and say, "Yeah, I'm great. I'm just tired."

He places his hand on my shoulder and says, "Don't lie to me. I can see through your lies. What is it? Tell me."

I show him the list of the student names and point at "Melissa Baker", "Liam Johnson" and the other students who used to bully me.

I look down at my shoes and say, "These are the people I have mentioned to you all before."

Zach moves closer to me and says, "I know what they did to you was terrible, but it is time for you to move on. You are the strongest person I have ever met; don't let those people bring you down."

I feel a tear rolling down my cheek. "How can I move on? The scars that they left will forever remain in my heart."

He wipes away my tears and cups my cheeks with his large hands and says, "I will always protect you Tay, no matter what happens."

I hug him and mumble into his chest. "Thank you so much, Zach. Never have I ever seen you comforting someone like this before. You are always so closed off that sometimes I don't even know what you are thinking about."

He murmurs something under his breath, but I could not make up what he was saying.

He pulls apart and says, "Let's bring you home before your parents call me."

I laugh and say, "Okay."

We walk to his car and he opens the door for me like a gentleman and closes the door behind me.

After ten minutes, we finally reach my destination and I get out of the car. Zach steps out of the car and says, "See you tomorrow."

I walk to him and kiss him on his cheek and say, "Thank you for comforting me, Zach."

He smiles. "No problem and you better tell the others about it."

I walk away and raised my hand up and say, "I will; tomorrow in school."

Both of us say goodbye to each other and I head into my house and went straight to my room. I collapsed on my bed, exhausted, and immediately drifted off to sleep.

The next day in school, I'm in a classroom gathering all the manpower we need because we decide to make this epic and the best event ever.

Luckily, we have Charlotte to help us find people to help, including the people in the Student Council. We also offered them points if they were willing to help us which could be added to their GPA.

I look at them and ask, "What do you think we should do on their first day in our school?"

Ava raises her hand up and suggests, "We could organize a welcome party for them in school."

Zach says, "We could do that but not a party. We could instead host an event for them! The party will surely get rejected by the principal, Ava."

I nod my head in response and say, "We can have both the principals speak a little about this and introduce them to us."

Jayden nods. "That is an amazing idea."

Emma says, "We could order food for them and place it behind the school hall so when the event is over or when we have a short break, they can freshen up."

Zach smiles and agrees. "Ok, let's do that."

I say, "Zach and I will in-charge of the whole process and we will assign tasks for you all to do."

Everyone nods their head in response.

I say, "Emma and Ava, you will be designing the hall according to the theme you decide. Krystal and Zoe will be helping in decorating the school hall based on what Emma and Ava are planning for the theme."

Zach continues. "Kayden and Jayden will be their tour guides on the first day of school; you will also fetch them from the airport and bring them to our school. Travis and Samuel, you are in-charge of ordering and setting up the food in the hall. The rest of the student council, you all can choose who you want to help and please tell them once you decide."

I look over to the student council and all of them respond with a 'yes' and I continue with what I want to say.

I say, "Ok then, I will be forming a group chat in WhatsApp so that you all can update us on what you all have been doing."

Zach stands up and says, "Okay, thank you for coming today."

Everyone waves goodbye and leaves except my best friends who stayed back.

"Do you all want to head out to my house to grab some dinner?" Kayden asks.

All respond excitedly saying, "Yes, of course."

I gently slap both twins' back and say, "You better treat your mom well or else I am going to have your head chopped off."

The two of them gave me a blank expression and nod slowly. "Okay..." I smirk and pull the girls away.

When we reach the twins house, their mother greets us and directs us all to the dining table.

Their mother, Rose, is the loveliest mother I have ever met. The twins told me that their father had abandoned the two of them when they were five. Rose had to step up and become their father and mother. She used to have three jobs but now she has one since the twins are now old enough to work and have part-time jobs.

As everyone is eating, Rose gets up to get something from the kitchen and I suddenly remember that I was supposed to tell them something.

I decide to speak up before I change my mind and say, "Hey everyone, erm... I have something to tell you all."

I look at Zach and he nods his head and I say, "So you know the students that are coming to my school are from my hometown, right?"

Everyone nods in response except Zach who already knew what I was going to say.

"So apparently the students coming here are the ones that I told you guys about before."

The moment I finish saying what I had to, all of them react differently.

The twins clench their fists while the girls say, "I am going to chop of that boy's dick and make sure that they are fed to the wolf."

I laugh and say, "Everyone just calm down. They will not do anything to me since I have all of you to back me up."

"But if any guy or girl tries to bully you again, I will make sure that I cut their hand." Charlotte says, looking pissed.

I laugh and nod my head in response.

Suddenly, someone knocks on the door and Rose walks towards the door while shouting, "I am going to open the door."

But Jayden stops her and says, "Mom, just stay here. I'll check who it is."

Jayden has a weird expression on his face as if healready knew who it was. So, all of us decideto silently follow him and who we seeisn't even the last person we expected to be standing there...

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