Frank Costello

Frank Costello was sitting in his study, looking at some documents. He lost all of his fortune and business when the Russians attacked him and he along with his family and a few close members escaped barely.

Now he is living a life of an ordinary made man, in another Mafia boss's territory. This is so insulting for him, as he was a boss for a very big family in the past. Now, he is living under another mob boss's protection, who is half his age.

But he has a plan under motion. For that plan to work out, he needs his younger daughter Emma. The daughter is born out of wedlock.

He still remembers the time when he kidnapped her mother Grace. 

He had no intention of sleeping with Grace when he kidnapped her. All he wanted was to scare her husband a little and let him leave the cocaine he snatched away from his men in his port.

The mafia usually controls the ports in its region, for the import and export of drugs, weapons, etc. 

At that time, his men had faced an issue and had to en route and dock their Boat in the port controlled by Deluca's. 

The  DeLuca's are not the most powerful in the underworld. But they still have some weight for their name. They act as the middlemen between the higher-ups and the goons.  

Since the drugs were found in their port, they seized them. The cost of that consignment was 10 million dollars.

So Frank became extremely angry and kidnapped his wife Grace. She is a very beautiful woman. So naturally, he was tempted. He forced her for the first couple of times, then she came to him willingly. They had Emma. But Grace found out about his wife Nora, so she ran away in the middle of the night.

Since then he gave the responsibility of raising Emma to one of his trusted Man and his wife, who is also their Chef.

Since she is young, he knows Emma will be as pretty as her mother. Since he doesn't want to cause more trouble for himself with his wife and her father, who is Frank's financial backer. So he instructed to hide Emma's face with ugly makeup. 

That way, he doesn't have to worry about her falling in love with someone and losing her virginity.

In their world, a virgin bride has more value than the others. He knows she will be very useful for him in the future. So he let her stay under his roof as a maid.

He was busy in his study with work when one of his men announced the arrival of none other than Luca Vitiello.

Luca is cold and ruthless. Frank never saw a person who is devoid of any emotions before. He could be a psychopath or he is very good at hiding his emotions. 

But whenever he looked at Luca, Frank felt like he might belong to the former group. 

Frank once saw Luca torturing a man for information. Frank's stomach rolled with disgust at the amount of blood he saw that day.

But in the entire process, Luca never showed an ounce of emotion. Not even his eyes flickered at all. He did everything mechanically as if he is not torturing a man within an inch of his life and draining his blood until the very last drop.

Frank still shuddered remembering that day. 

He is utterly scared of Luca Vitiello. That man's gaze is hawks' gaze. He never misses a single detail.

Luca could kill just because he is feeling like it. So everyone traded carefully around him. 

So Frank immediately went out to greet the Boss.

"Mr. Vitiello, what a pleasant surprise," Frank said. His back is bent like he is bowing in front of Luca.

Luca looked at the man coldly.

"If my visit is so pleasant, then why are you sweating so much?" Luca commented casually, making Frank jump with fright.

He immediately wiped away his seat using his dress shirt.

"Much better" Luca commented.

He is looking around the house, just standing in the middle of the living room.

This house has a kitchen on the right along with an attached dining area. Right opposite the main door is the door leading to the back yard. That is where Emma is working currently.

Luca eyed her, her palms are dirty and she is hiding her face with her dirty makeup.

Frank followed Luca's gaze and started to panic when he found Emma at the end of it.

She is his golden goose, whom he is trying to sell up to the highest bidder. He will gain millions for her body. 

But the way Luca is looking at Emma is making him feel uneasy. 

'Did he look past her ugly makeup?' he thought fearfully.

"She is a maid in my house" he supplied helpfully, trying to divert his attention.

"I want her" Luca's words fell on him like a ton of bricks.

"B..b..but Mr. Vitiello, she is just a maid" Frank stressed the word Maid.

"Then it shouldn't be a problem to give her to me. Is it?" Luca asked starting directly at Frank.

Luca's presence as intimidating as it is. But he looks at you directly, one will feel breathless and suffocating.

"Yes, yes" Frank bobbed his head in agreement.

Luca extended his palm towards Marco, who placed a stack of papers on Luca's palm.

He gave the papers to Frank.

Frank took the papers and opened them obediently to read the content.

He paled instantly by looking at the transactions of drugs under his name.

Frank is selling drugs in Luca's area without his permission. He thought as long as he doesn't sell directly, he will not get in trouble with Luca. But it looks like, he found out anyway.

Frank immediately collapsed on the ground and caught Luca's feet with both of his hands.

"Please Mr. Vitiello, please don't kill me" Frank pleaded pitifully.

Luca simply stepped aside, away from Frank's reach.

By now, this scene caught the attention of everyone around them. Even Emma looked behind her when she heard a commotion near the entrance.

She paled instantly when she noticed the man who kidnapped her last night starting right back at her. She started to shiver with fear. She thought of running away, but the man moved his head from left to right and back as if he read her mind and is telling her that it's a bad idea.

He crooked his index finger and motioned for her to come near him.

She saw her father on the floor, pleading with her kidnapper not to kill him.

Sweat started to trickle down her back with fear.

She slowly walked towards the man with her muddy palms. When she reached within a couple of feet from that man, he roughly pulled her towards him.

Emma gasped with fear and shielded her face from the oncoming blow. But to her surprise, that never happened.

When she peeked at him between her muddy palms, he is looking at her coldly as if waiting for her to move her palms away.

She looked at her father again and slowly lowered her palms.

He snatched her ugly glasses from her face and braces from her mouth, before throwing them on the ground. The glasses broke on impact, making her jump a little.

"Never come in front of me wearing these ugly things" he warned her coldly.

Luca held Emma by her elbow and led her towards his vehicle. Muddy hands and all.

Luca could feel the girl's fear and anxiety.

She is shivering violently and constantly looking behind her at her father. She is hoping that he might help her. Her father is useless and in this moment, he might be concerned more about his life than his daughter.

'Selfish prick' Luca thought.

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Ugeh Comfort
wow! thank God he had something against frank
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Bella Jersey
He’s just as bad
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Bella Jersey
My thing is why did Luca need to see she is pretty to honor a promise?

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