New place

Emma was led towards the car before someone opened the back door for her to slide inside the car.

But she is shivering with fear and she is sure this guy might kill her just like that.

She didn't slide inside immediately. She wanted to resist and run away as far away from him as possible. 

Luca is losing his patience with her. He still has a strong and unyielding hold on her elbow. It's quite evident that she is scared. But she will be better off without her father.

"You wouldn't want me to lose my patience with you Little kitten. It's already scarce to be found within me" Luca warned her with a cold tone making Emma jump with fear.

She immediately sat inside the vehicle without further delay.

She sat as far away from him as possible.

She is trying the make herself look small and barely visible, which is impossible.

Luca nodded at the driver who looked at him for permission to start the vehicle. They drove away from the Costello villa, making Frank Costello visibly relax. He is glad that

Luca left him alive. He did not care about his daughter at all.

He doesn't want to bother himself to think about what would happen to her now that she was taken by the scariest one of them all.

In the car, Emma is sitting on the farther seat away from Luca. But it's impossible in an enclosed space. Luca is sitting comfortably in the middle reading some documents.

He planned everything for Emma. He is trying to do right by her, as per his friend's request. The first part of his plan is to take her away from her scheming scum of a father. Which he did.

He already enrolled her in an ivy league college to let her pursue her dream. Gio wanted to keep her sister as far away from our life as possible. But we both know it's impossible.

Once born in the mafia, you have to die Mafia. There is no easy entrance or exit to our world. You have to prove your worth and become a made man to enter. 

The only way out is your death. If you are born here, then you are trapped here.

'I have to make her stronger Gio. She will not survive out there with her innocence still intact' Luca thought.

Luca is always a cold man. He is called the Ice King in the mafia for a reason. 

People will freeze or shiver when they see him coming. His face is as emotionless and cold as an iceberg. The depth of the iceberg cannot be seen, neither the depth of his mind and thoughts.

Soon they arrived at his Mansion, which is sprawled in a 20-acre estate, just on the outskirts of the city. He prefers silence over noise anytime. So he built a Mansion in 6000 Square yards. A big driveway with a fancy water fountain in the middle, in which two dolphins are spitting water from their mouths.

Fancy flower garden on either side of the driveway, with different colored flowers. 

Upon entering the huge double wooden doors, is a foyer that leads to the spiral staircase on the left and the living area on the right.

On the other side of the stairs are a big kitchen and a dining area. On the far end is a sliding glass door that leads to the huge backyard, which is nothing but artificial grass sprawled till the end of the property.

Luca stepped out and looked at Emma pointedly. 

She is scared about what he wanted from her. She is sure he will not kill her or hurt her, for now. If they intended that, then they would have done that last night when they kidnapped her.

She is scared and confused about why this dangerous man is after her.

"Are you planning to sleep there?" Luca asked.

Emma jumped with fright and immediately scurried out of the car.

His voice is neither hot nor cold. It's neutral and emotionless. He is born in this cruel world and he was raised by the cruelest of them all. He was never allowed to feel anything for anyone.

That was the first thing his father incorporated into his mind.

That's why he will not show any kind of emotions in front of anyone, even in front of the people whom he trusts or likes. He never loved anyone, neither his father nor his dead mother. 

He trusted Gio, but he never showed any kind of emotion in front of him either, not even when he died in his arms.

Taking care of Emma and protecting her is his responsibility. He will do it for Gio. 

Emma walked behind Luca who led her upstairs to the end of the hallway. She counted 5 doors after they stepped on this floor and every door is closed. He opened the last door and indicated that she should step inside.

Emma immediately panicked. 

'Will he lock me in this room like a prisoner?' she thought with fear.

Luca could read all her emotions on her face like an open book.

"I will not lock you in this room like a prisoner. I am not so generous to give my prisoner a room like this" he said calmly.

Emma looked startled and squeaked with surprise.

She immediately stepped inside and stopped in the middle of the room, looking at the huge four-poster bed.

'Will he force me?' she thought with fear.

"No," Luca said surprising her again.

Emma's face flamed with embarrassment.

"This will be your new home. You will stay in this room from now onwards. I enrolled your name into a college. I arranged for someone to bring new clothes for you, they will be here soon. There's an envelope on the bed beside you. You will find your new phone, bank card, and your college details in there" with that said Luca turned away to leave.

Emma needs answers as to why he took her away from her father. Why he is keeping her in this house and why he is letting her go to college.

"Wait," she called softly.

Luca felt that his heart skipped a beat when he heard her soft melodic voice, which sounded pleasant to his eyes.

His eyebrows furrowed with confusion. But he masked it immediately.

'Something is wrong' he thought before composing his face into a cold mask.

"Yes?" he asked her calmly.

Emma gathered her courage before speaking softly.

"Why did you bring me here? Is it to gain something against my father? If so, he doesn't care about me at all" She said innocently.

As soon as she started speaking, Luca felt a strange sensation in his heart. It became soft for a second.

But he snapped out of it immediately.

'What is she doing to me?' he thought with confusion.

But he did not let anything show on his face.

He understood what she wants to know. It will be good for her to know what she is into.

"You have a stepbrother named Gio Deluca, he is elder than you by 7 years. Your mother died a couple of years ago, as well as your brother. Protecting you away from your father and any potential threat to your life was your brother's final request. I am only doing what he asked me to. That's why you are here" he explained to her vaguely.

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Evuharerhe Amaka
Even in a mafia wear,there are kind souls. what a world
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Still don’t know why he had to see she was pretty
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thank god he explained her, however she will be confuse and scared always around Luca. ......

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