New friend

Emma sat on her bed in a daze after that scary man left her alone in her new home. From what he explained to her, he bought her here to protect her from her father. 

He also talked about her mother and stepbrother, who is apparently dead. He enrolled her in to a college and now she can really study and chase her dream of being a doctor.

She saw the envelope he mentioned and gingerly tried to take it into her hands. 

That's when she noticed her muddy hands. Now the mud is completely dried up and her clothes are stained with mud and whatnot.

She wrinkled her nose and decided to wash up a little.

She looked around and found two closed doors. She tentatively approached and opened the first one, and opened it. 

Emma gasped when she saw a walk-in closet full of women's clothes, shoes, sandals, and even underwear were neatly stacked on a shelf.

"Oh my" she whispered in surprise.

Emma never saw such beautiful clothes before. She always wore castoffs of Amber or anyone who are willing to give her clothes in the Costello villa. But she never wore beautiful clothes like this, ever. 

When Emma was so lost in her thoughts, a young girl of Emma's age walked inside her room, as the door was open.

Lizzy is the daughter of one of the made men, who work under their boss Mr. Vitiello. She was assigned the task of showing a girl name Emma around the Vitiello mansion.

She thought she needs to bear with a headstrong brainless bimbo, who wears small clothes and looks at others down her nose.

If she is related to Mr. Vitiello, and if he personally went to pick her up, then she would be someone, Lizzy wouldn't like.

But when Lizzy entered that girl's room, she found her standing with her back facing her and peering inside the walk-in closet.

Her clothes are faded and are less than ordinary with mud stains all over. Her hands have dried mud till her elbows.

Lizzy is stunned and confused.

"Hello" she greeted the girl and announced her presence.

That girl was startled and clutched her heart with fear. She turned around to face Lizzy with fear-filled eyes and a black patchy foundation on her obviously fair skin.

"What happened to you? Did you had a wrestling match with a bulldog?" Lizzy teased the seemingly innocent girl.

'How did she ended up with a person like Mr. Vitiello' Lizzy wondered, pitying the girl.

Emma is scared of the new girl and was expecting her to yell at her and slap her like Emma was usually treated by Amber and her friends.

But when she teased her appearance, Emma relaxed a little.

"I was plucking weeds in the garden when that scary man brought me here" Emma slipped and immediately paled at her mistake.

"I mean he is not scary. I really didn't mean it. It's that, I really don't know his name, so I..." Emma was rambling with fear until Lizzie's laughter stopped her rambling.

"Relax, I will not tell anyone that you called Mr. Vitiello scary. Pinky promise" Lizzie promised to Emma.

Emma gave the other woman a tentative smile.

"I am Emma" she introduced herself softly.

"I am Lizzy. I am the daughter of one of the made men. Mr. Vitiello instructed my father to send me to the mansion to assist you" Lizzie informed.

"Oh," Emma said with a small smile.

"Why do you look so skittish?" Lizzie observed Emma closely and asked when she looked rather uncomfortable.

"This place and people are new to me," Emma said truthfully.

"You don't worry. I am here to help you" Lizzie said before going towards Emma and looking at her from top to toe.

"Let's start with your bath first. I want to see how you look" Lizzie told Emma before holding Emma's hand and led her towards the bathroom.

"Go" She pushed Emma inside and closed the door after her.

Emma is shocked by Lizzie's behavior, but not in a bad way.

Lizzie is a handful and Emma admired the other girl.

She smiled slightly and took a much-needed shower, scrubbing the mud and sweat with the expensive body wash and shampoo.

After she finished her bath, she found a white fluffy towel, which she used to wipe the excess moisture from her body.

She looked at her face, which is clear and blemish-free. Her hazelnut colored eyes are filled with fear and doubt. Her reddish-brown hair looked clean and wet from her shower.

She sighed wearily and looked at her discarded clothes, which are now lying on the ground.

She bent down to pick them up, as she doesn't have another pair with her to change in to.

"Don't even think about it" Lizzie's voice rang from outside.

Emma is startled by her voice.

She opened the door a little and peeked outside.

"Wear these" Lizzie thrust a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with matching underwear into Emma's arms.

"But, they are not mine and look new" Emma tried to push the clothes back towards Lizzie, but Lizzie stopped Emma firmly.

"This is your room, so they are yours" with that Lizzie closed the bathroom door.

Emma looked at the clothes in her hands with wonder.

She doesn't want to accept these, but she is scared of him. So she reluctantly dresses herself in her new clothes.

Emma came out and stood in front of Lizzie, awkwardly shuffling on her feet.

Lizzie's eyes widened with shock. The girl she saw earlier and the girl standing in front of her look completely different.

"Damn, you are hot," Lizzie said in stunned surprise.

Lizzie looked at the gorgeous girl that stood in front of her. She has curves where needed and is on the slimmer side of the scale.

Emma flushed a little when Lizzie complimented her.

Lizzie saw Emma's face and pinched her cheeks lovingly.

"You look cute when you are shy" Lizzie announced.

After that, Lizzie showed Emma around the mansion and they both prepared a chicken sandwich for lunch. 

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Princess Ogoo
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Evuharerhe Amaka
nice move Lizzy. Emma welcome to new life
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Bella Jersey
Lizzie is gonna be a handful. Sad thing is even though Emma want to be a doctor she’s really not. It’s just busy work

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