Emma and Lizzie became inseparable. Lizzie told her everything about Emma's mother and brother. She heard her father and her brother Marco, who is a right-hand man of Mr. Vitiello. 

She told Emma more than Luca shared with her. Now Emma has a vague idea of why she was brought here. 

Lizzie took her to her first salon appointment. She made Emma wax every inch of her body, much to Emma's displeasure.

Her frizzy and dull hair is now neatly trimmed and shaped, thanks to Lizzie.

It's been 4 weeks since the day she came here. Initially, Emma was terrified. But soon she warmed up to the house and the grumpy bodyguards around her. They have a chef who is an older man named Peter.

He adores Emma to bits. Peter used to be a made man who used to work for Luca's father. But he lost his wife and daughter in an accident. He was severely injured as well. He became handicapped. Now he is using a artificial leg to walk. Then Luca offered him a job as his cook, because Peter is loyal to his family.

Occasionally, Emma and Lizzie would cook and give that to the guards for taste testing. Initially, they just used to say good. 

But then, Lizzie decided to mix a lot of salt in their food. That's when they gagged and spit the entire thing, making Lizzie, peter, and Emma laugh at their expense.

"What the hell is this?" one of the guards named Emanuel asked with disgust.

"Salt," Lizzie said between her laughter.

Emma and Peter are having fun at the pranks Lizzie makes. Emma still couldn't dare to do such things. Not now, not ever. She is too shy about these kinds of pranks.

The mansion always has Emanual and Smith as the day time guards, who will exchange shifts with night time guards.

Lizzie informed Emma that both Emanuel and Smith are here for Emma's safety. Emma was somewhat uncomfortable but still grateful. 

No one in her 19 years of life has ever cared about Emma's safety this much. She gradually believed that Mr. Vitiello will not hurt her. If he did, then he doesn't have to arrange guards for her safety.

He stays in the mansion, but she never saw him after the day she came here. She is still scared of the man, as much as she was scared on the first day she met him.

"Emma, she is trying to poison me" Emanuel complained to her about Lizzie.

Emanuel is 6 feet tall with muscular physic covered with a suit. His skin tone is olive-colored with brown eyes and blond hair.

He is good looking for a made man and is young. Maybe only a couple of years older than Lizzie and herself.

Smith is roughly the same age as Emanuel, and he is taller than Emanuel with a bulkier build. He is fair looking and has a small scar on his forehead. He looks scary when you see him for the first time, but he is funny and always encourages Lizzie to prank poor Emanuel.

"You should blame Smith. He is the one who encourages Lizzie" Peter chimed in.

Emma couldn't help but laugh at Smith's expression when Emanuel playfully glared at him.

"You" Emanuel chased after Smith, who ran away.

"Smith is in trouble" Lizzie giggled.

"Won't you help your partner in crime?" Emma pointed out.

Lizzie looked thoughtful before nodding her head. Then she too ran after them.

"I will go prepare your lunch now" Peter informed and left.

"Ok, then I will go and weed my Tulip garden," Emma said and went into the back yard, where she is growing White Tulips. 

A couple of weeks earlier, when peter saw her interest in gardening, he bought some tulip seeds for her. She sowed the seeds and watered them regularly, mindful not to let the soil too wet.

Emma usually prefers Jeans and a t-shirt. She finds it comfortable. She knotted her hair into a messy bun, before starting her work.

After a couple of minutes, she heard Lizzie calling her.

Emma looked at Lizzie, who is wet from top to toe along with Smith and Emanuel who are dripping wet as well.

Emma noticed the water bucket Lizzie is carrying and running towards her at full speed.

"Oh no," Emma understood Lizzie's intention and ran inside the house towards the main entrance.

They were all in a playful mood, so none of them noticed Luca coming inside the Mansion.

Emma's hands are covered with mud and she is running away from Lizzie. Emma is looking behind her and did not notice Luca just entering the mansion.

Lizzie is gaining on her and in a rush to escape, Emma ran faster and bumped into Luca, who is watching the spectacle in front of him.

Emma bounced back and was about to fall flat on her ass when Luca caught her around her waist and steadied her.

Lizzie stopped dead in her tracks after watching Luca and her brother Marco, followed by Emanuel and Smith.

Emma saw her mud handprints on Luca's suit, on either side of his chest.

Her eyes widened with fear. She started to shiver, thanking them that, he might scold her.

Luca on the other hand is calmly standing with one of his hands in his pant pocket and the other still holding Emma around her waist.

He is not all concerned about the mud on his clothes. Instead, he is angry at the two guards whom he appointed to guard Emma and the girl who is holding a bucket of water in her hands.

The two guards are dripping water all over the floor.

They were specially arranged to protect Emma. Not to ignore their duties and play like kids.

"You are fired" Luca looked at the guards coldly.

Then his gaze shifted to Marco's sister, who looks pale.

He arranged for her to make Emma feel comfortable. But she is distracting the guards and is not a good influence on Emma.

"Never come to the mansion again. Don't even dare to meet Emma again" he said coldly.

Emma instantly panicked. Lizzie is her first friend she ever had. She doesn't want to part ways with her. Even Emanuel and Smith grow up on her. She doesn't want other guards. They are not scary and she feels comfortable in their presence.

"Please" Emma whispered, stopping Luca in his tracks.

He let go of Emma and was about to go into his study when her soft plea made him stop in his tracks.

He looked at the girl, who cleaned up pretty well. She is much more beautiful than he first saw her. But she is Gio's sister, and he is mostly interested in creating a better future for her, Nothing else. 

He usually never change his decision once made. But something in her soft plea, that made him stop and turn back to listen to what she wants to say.

Lizzie, Emanuel, and Smith panicked for Emma's safety when she softly pleaded with Luca.

They all know their boss is cold and is ruthless. He decides everything and never changes his decision. 

But this time, he actually stopped and turned to look at Emma when she pleaded with him.

Emma knows he will neither kill her nor send her back to her father's house. 

So she dared to plead with him for her friends, whom she like so much.

The others who come in their place will not be kind to her. She knows how the made men leer at the woman. But neither Smith nor Emanuel made her feel uncomfortable.

Luca walked towards Emma and stood an inch away from her.

Emma is not that courageous to talk to him while looking at his face. So she is looking at his shoes. But Luca is having other ideas.

He held Emma's chin and raised her head and forced her to look at his face.

Emma refused to look into his ice-cold blue orbs.

She looked at his cheek instead.

"Look into my eyes and tell me one good reason why I should let them stay here kitten," Luca asked her.

Emma gathered her courage and looked into his eyes.

She gulped audibly with fear.

"Lizzie is the first friend I ever had. I like her a lot. Unlike other made men, I feel comfortable with Smith and Emanuel. They never made me feel uncomfortable. I don't know I will feel the same with my other guards" Emma explained truthfully.

Luca looked into her eyes, which reflect honesty.

He never saw anyone being this honest with him. They always have a hidden agenda. He felt good looking at her honest face.

His ice-cold heart melted a little.

He looked at the guards who are frozen in place.

"I am letting you go this time. If I find a hair missing on her head, then I will kill you" Luca said coldly.

Both Emanuel and Smith nodded their head vigorously.

Luca looked at Lizzie next.

"My little Kitten seems to be fond of you. So I am letting you stay here. If I find her in any trouble because of you, then I will not be lenient" he threatened Lizzie, who nodded her head as well.

"Wash your hands and come have lunch with me," Luca told Emma.

Emma looked at him in shock. 

'He really considered my plea' she thought happily.

A smile broke on her lips, instantly brightening her face and two dimples popped on her cheeks.

Luca is taken aback at her bright innocent Smile, shining through her eyes.

He touched her dimpled cheek and left, leaving everyone in shock.

Marco is still reeling in shock.

'Did boss really changed his decision? Did I see his eyes becoming a little softer when he is looking at Emma?' he thought in disbelief.

He is so stunned, he forgot to follow behind his boss.

"Marco" the cold voice of Luca barked out loud.

Marco instantly sobered and instantly ran to catch up with Luca.

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