Emma looked at the Hamburger with happiness shining in her eyes.

Luca looked at her fondly, who looks excited looking at her Hamburger.

'I never saw a woman becoming this happy for just a hamburger' he thought.

"Thank you, Mr. Vi...I mean, Luca," she said with a huge smile on her face.

He liked his name on her lips. Soft and alluring. 

"Eat," he said indicating her burger.

She nodded her head and started to take huge bites from her burger.

She is sitting on his couch crossed-legged, holding her burger with both hands.

After taking a couple of bites, she looked at him with her cheeks puffed up and with sauce stains across her right cheek and her fingers.

He stood up and approached her slowly, not to scare her. He wiped the sauce from her cheek with a tissue, before going back to sit on his chair.

Emma beamed at him, with her dimples on full display.

"You are not eating? Oh, your food became cold. Should

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