A pet

Luca went out with some work after breakfast.

Emma joined Lizzie in the backyard. They were discussing their college and their schedule. 

Their college would be starting from the next day. Emma is excited and terrified at the same time. 

"They have an introduction ceremony for the freshman tomorrow. The Principle will introduce about the college and then we have to go and get our schedules from the admin department" Lizzie told Emma.

Emma never got a chance to experience student life in her 19 years of life. She is excited about the new experience.

But when she remembers her stepsister's friends, who are awful to her, she started feeling anxious.

If she has to endure that kind of behavior daily, then she'd rather stay home and homeschooled again.

"Hey, where did you go?" Lizzie asked Emma, who is zoned out.

Emma shook her head to gather herself.

"Nothing, I just have mixed feelings about tomorrow

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Hair mask and face mask or facial
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love reading this book
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i really enjoy

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