Luca finished dressing himself, as he was disturbed earlier by the barking of that dog. When he was done, he pocketed his wallet and secured a gun behind him in his holster, and two small throw knives in his socks.

Lizzie and her brother Marco were discussing something.

"I thought you are the one behind the dog," Marco said with a shudder.

"Nope, it's all Emma" Lizzie replied and assured his brother.

"Boss hates pets. No wonder he asked to throw it out" Marco said.

Lizzie snorted at his assessment.

"You just wait and see. That dog will come back in just another couple of hours" Lizzie said with confidence.

Marco looked at his sister firmly. He knows his boss better than she does. His boss hates pets. So that dog will not come back, he thought with confidence.

"It will not. I know our boss better than you do. He will not allow it" Marco said firmly.

Lizzie laughed at her brother's ignorance. 

Marco looked at h

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