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Emma stiffened when Luca hugged her. No one bothered to console her when she was sad. This is the first time someone is trying to console her.

This is the first time she was being hugged by someone either. She tentatively wrapped her arms around him as her tears slipped down her eyes.

Luca didn't understand what possessed him to hug his Kitten. But the sight of her crying is something he prefers never to see again.

Her dimpled smile is his favorite. He prefers her always smiling and laughing. Not like this, sad and crying.

But this felt nice, hugging this little kitten. When she tentatively wrapped her arms around him, he felt a strange tug in his heart.

'What have you done Gio? You gave up your life for me and then sent me to go find your sister, who is killing me with her innocence and kindness. Will, I will ever be able to let her go?' he thought.

When he felt wetness through his shirt, he pulled back a little and looked at her watery eyes.

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Bella Jersey
He’d better be careful or Luca might want to play Peter tell
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Suzanne Scott
this story is bloody good, I'm really enjoying it. Thanks author x
goodnovel comment avatar
Melanie Diaz Gatan
i like the story

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