Don't cross him

"Yes, I am angry. Who does he think he is? He demanded 10%. Isn't it too much?" David ranted angrily.

All the others adjusted in their seats uncomfortably.

"If you don't like it, then choose another route. It's useless to bitch behind his back like a housewife" Peter Jackson, the mob boss who controls the Chicago underworld said sarcastically.

He is one among the ten, along with Luca and Matteo. He too likes Luca and respects the guy a lot. Luca is younger than Peter by a couple of years. 

Luca saved Peters, sister, from the Russians, when she was kidnapped. Since then, Peter became loyal to Luca.

After his comment, everyone around the room laughed at David, making him even more irritable and angry.

"If I have any other route, then would I ask him to permit to use his territory?" David snapped angrily.

"If I am you, I would be really careful about what I talk about Luca" Gilbert warned.

Gilbert is another one among the ten. He and

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Bella Jersey
Smart he keeps his identity hidden
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Marleny Scarda
aww the little dog name is cute. now Luca likes him too.
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Sencilla Mujer
please keep updating ūüôŹ

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