The next morning, Emma got up earlier than usual and got ready with lots of nervous energy. She looked at the shots and tops which Lizzie picked out for her. But decided against it.

She chooses a black summer dress, that reaches her knees. The sleeves are ruffled and she twisted her hair into a one-sided French twist.

When she looked in the mirror, she liked how she looked.

Luca was planning to visit the troublemaker David and send him to his maker. He wore dark clothes. A black t-shirt and black jeans, to blend in easily.

He was talking with the underboss of texas when he saw Emma nervously walking with her dog.

"Kitten?" he called her.

Emma looked up at him and her dog ran over to where he is standing and stood beside his legs.

Emma looked at her dog with surprise.

"He likes you" she commented.

Luca smiled at her. He didn't care about the dog. If it makes her happy, then that's all he wants.

"Why are you up and

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