Marco didn't tell about the call Luca. He doesn't have to. Luca would have already guessed by now and he prefers Marco to deal with this kind of simple threat. 

It works out for both Marco and Luca well. Work burden would be less on Luca and Marco would feel the weight of responsibility, as his underboss.

Back in the Vitiello mansion, Peter was looking for Emma, who didn't return until now. She took her dog for a walk a few hours ago and didn't return yet.

The guards near the gates informed him that she didn't pass through the gates, which means, she is still inside the mansion premises.

The Vitiello mansion and the area in the backyard are so huge, it's possible that she must have been gotten lost.

Emanuel and Smithy are already searching for her, for the past half an hour. But they didn't find her yet.

So Peter decided to call Marco.

"Peter" Marco answered with a smile in his voice.

But Peter is not at all happy. He is t

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Danielle Tyrrell
Loving this story line. Hoping you update often enough. Thanks for two chapters.

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