Ivan dialed Luca's number after his men left his room.

Luca, who is working in his pub, looked at the caller ID when he saw an incoming call.

"So he bought them all. Good for him" Luca thought out loud, before answering the call.

"Luca" when Ivan heard Luca's signature greeting, he smiled. He is getting used to Luca's I don't care attitude.

"It's done. I swayed them all. Now all the 25 men are under my payroll" Ivan informed Luca.

Luca smirked.

"Good. How much time do you need to make up your mind to kill your brother?" Luca asked.

Ivan is shocked to his core.

"I thought you would kill him," Ivan said with confusion.

"Tsk tsk" Luca made a pity sound.

"Ivan, if I kill your brother, then I will become the boss of the Russian mob. You will remain as my underboss. That's the rule we always had. If you want to become the next Boss, then you have to kill him. Not me. Whoever kills the existing boss, becomes the new boss. How did

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