Alexi received a video message from an unknown number. He is drinking himself to oblivion. He carelessly opened the video and began to watch it. The more he watched, the more he began to get angry.

It's the video of Ivan taking money from none other than Marco, Luca's underboss.

Alexi threw his phone away in anger.

"You b*stard. You sold yourself to him? You decided to backstab your own brother? First he bought Frank and then you, my own brother? I won't leave you Luca. I will kill you. But first, let me parcel my brother's body to you. Then you would understand what I can do" Alexi said out loud in to his empty room.

Just then, his room door opened and Ivan stood near the threshold.

Alexi sneered looking at Ivan.

Ivan immediately understood Luca is right.

'He found out. If Luca didn't warn me before hand, then he would have killed me' Ivan thought.

"How dare you?" Alexi smashed his whiskey glass on the carpeted floor and it broke in t

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Bella Jersey
I hope Ian will be good boss for his people
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Monica Grace Elias Finch
No expression on killing yasssss

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