Chapter 14


“Who the hell do you think you are?” my father asked, his back still facing me.

I did my best to calm my breathing and keep my heart beating at a normal rate, not wanting him to sense my worry of what he might do as a reaction to our other day argument, and though he was yet to make a move of approaching me, I could feel his wolf battling him to get out and shift, causing my wolf to go on alert should I need to defend myself, even though I was hoping that it wouldn’t reach to that point, I knew that I needed to be prepared for anything that could happen.

“Answer me” father said angrily, this time turning to face me, confirming to me that I was indeed correct and that his wolf was making an appearance, showing, and revealing himself to anyone who had eyes, father’s eyes were now golden and his canines were exposed for a blind man to see, his nostrils flaring as his death glare met my calm gaze, it wasn’t that I wa

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