Chapter sixty-one

I woke up the next morning surrounded by my two favourite men. I was laid on Dragus’ chest, while Darian was snuggled in behind me. I tried to stretch a little to test my body. We had made love until the first light of dawn started to appear in the big windows, and then I had fallen asleep in both my mate’s arms as we watched the sun come up fully. My body ached everywhere, but it was a good ache. The kind that sent shivers down my spine and had me smiling at the memory of last night. 

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Donna DeNardo Grogan
I have notice a few Authors have left there books. It's sad if it is health or personal issues. Just one post. would be nice. I have a few books waiting for updates for a long time...
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Billie Jo Sanchez
hopefully this is not the end. hopefully there is more chapters
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Deborah Savoia-Pearl
Hope you feel better soon.

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