Hi everyone 

I want to start by apologising to all of you I haven't been able to update since last month and want you to know why so you can hopefully understand

i have a full time job and writing is my hobby I am a finance manager for a transport company I have 2 beautiful children so as you can imagine I have my hands full constantly!

last month my son got covid then my daughter and then me I was quite poorly with it so I wasn't able to update.

on top of that I am now in the process for splitting from my childrens father after 14 years. As you can imagine I'm heartbroken and trying to keep myself together.

I have suspended updating for the time being until I can get myself in the right headspace to continue with the book

You have all been so supporting of the book and I thank you deeply for it but I do hope you understand what I'm going through.

Please keep your coins for any other book you are reading and I will post again when I'm able to update.

thanks for being amazing supporters 



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Astrid Wendt-Seiger
Author Your Real Life comes FIRST. Covid is REAL and I Thank God your Children and you are doing better. For your Married Status the fact that you shared your trauma shows how Strong you are. Your trusted followers will wait for the story to continue. Take care of you and the Children.
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Michelle Campbell
im sorry, i wish the boik could be finished but i understand..
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Will the book ever be finished?
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